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Nicole Ocean's 'Top 10 Favorite BPO Companies of 2016'

Industry Announcement • January 27, 2016
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Since 2009, my team and I have been very fortunate to have worked with thousands of BPO & REO professionals all over this great nation. During these last 7 years, I try to do a special blog posting once a year, where I give my top 10 favorite BPO mills or companies that I recommend that people sign up with to do BPO work.

Below you will find a list of my absolute favorite companies. Know that I am using my own industry experience as well as that of many of our software subscribers.

Nicole Ocean, Founder of BPOA

Here is my Top 10:

1. Altisource

2. Proteck

3. RRR

4. Clear Capital

5. eMortgage Logic

6. BPO Fulfillment

7. Servicelink

8. Specialized Asset Management

9. Solutionstar

10. SWBC (fka: Equi-Trax)


Bonus: Honorable mention goes to: Single Source Property Solutions

Top BPO Portals: and Equator


There you go! Please note, I choose the above companies because they all have a combination of being:

  • A stable company
  • Around and in business for years
  • Able to maintain a positive reputation in the industry overall
  • Having a high volume of BPO work across the nation
  • Smart enough to have adopted the NABPOP's BPOSG
  • Seen in the industry as a good company to work for.

To wrap this up, I can guarantee that if you are signed up, with more than one of the above companies (and don't have all your "BPO eggs" in just one basket, you are more likely to be successful in this niche business)

Not Signed Up With All of the Above Companies Yet?

We've made it easy to sign up with the companies listed above in our FREE BPO Companies Directory. Click here to go there now!

I hope you enjoyed reading this posting and if you have any questions, I'd be more than happy to help. Simply post a comment below!


Nicole Ocean,
Founder & Owner
BPO Automation Group LLC

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What has happened to Asset Valuation & Marketing besides opening a Dallas office?

Hi CeCe,

I left this good but low volume company off the list for that reason. My focus was on the companies that not only have a proven track record and longevity but also ones that have high volume historically. Of course, the amount of BPO volume is based on lots of factors.

Thanks for the question no matter!


I'm surprised with Altisource being number 1. I havent seen a report come through for them for almost 6 months.

Hey there Kevin,

Thanks for the comment :)

The list isn't in any special order. And if you aren't seeing orders from them any longer it may be that aren't part of their 'preferred agent' invite that they did about 6-7 months ago. It would be worth reaching out to them and asking how to get an invite.

I think they outsource their BPO's to Clear Capitol, Servicelink and some others.  I worked for 10 years with them they ad a big shake up ad never heard from them again

Hey Kevin,

Just a quick updated note as previously mentioned about Altisource, last year they went to an 'invite' only to folks that they wanted to be their "preferred agents/brokers." Then they'd give order to these folks, so if you aren't seeing any this may have something to do with it.  :(

You can always try giving them a call or shooting them an email to check into this and see if there are any options available for you. If anyone is in this situation with ANY BPO Mill, it never hurts reaching out to the company to 'touch base.' Don't wait for them to contact you because it may never happen. Be proactive!

I would not recommend Altisource , for two years they have been contacting me to get documents over and every time they asked for anything it was submitted right away but never seen anything from them, I`m leaving them out

When will you come out with a new article for 2017?

Hi there Owen,

Thanks for the nudge, here's a blog that I wrote a few weeks ago that will help, it's called: "My Top 5 BPO Companies to Work for in 2017."


The problem with Altisource was the General Liability Insurance they demanded you have

You can press them hard and they will ignore it.


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