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I am interested in joining NRBA. Can anyone please give me their opinions about the association. I am very excited about it and I would like to know if it will be money well spent.

Thanks in anticipation.

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Troy, while you should be commended for your work and efforts on the sale side of the REO's; what everyone is looking for is your results on the list side. What I would recommend is that you sign up with some of the noteable REO companies and get establised as a listing REO Broker. Then, once you have settled several of those assets, apply. That will give you a well rounded position to work from. Give it some time, become successful, and the NRBA would be proud to have you as a member. Hope this helped. Regards. KIRB
Good morning Joe. I am a real estate agent in Massachusetts, and currently do a lot of listings for PAS/Wells Fargo Bank. I will be happy in you can give me some advise on joining the NRBA group.
Thank you in advance.
Guy, I've been waiting for about 4 months and will be hapy to get some advise from you.
Vitaliy M.
Joe, I live in a small town in Dade City Florida and know that My area is not saturated as myself and my business partner do the majority of the REO listings here with the acception of a couple who are from 3 counties away (won't go there) but I would love to become a member of NRBA and since you said you just do not let anyone in how can I find out if my area is still open so that I can become a member. I have applied and same as everyone else, please hold. Any information would be greatly appreciated to
Thank you,
It took me a while but I finally got in too. I do like what I've seen so far and the willingness of the members to share with you is well worth it.
When did you get in and how long did it take?
Mike L.
I was just at a Sell State presentation where the president of NRBA spoke for over an hour and he implied that if you became a Sell state agency your chances of membership in NRBA might somehow magically improve. No guarantees, I absolve myself of any responsibility for saying that, but it seemed pretty clear to many of us at the seminar... Otherwise it's the usual spiel of "we can only have a certain number of agents per county and your county is full"


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