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So I have over $2k in outstanding balance with NREIS that has not been paid.  

Has anyone heard if they will be paying in installments or not paying at all.  

If you have heard something please let me know the person you spoke with.


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I do not know if you are a member of any of my groups but I help contractors throughout the US get work and collect money due them. If interested in talking to see what I can do to help you please feel free to drop me a line. My links to all the groups and email are below...................Myra in NH





Myraanne, can you helpm me get paid by 24 asset management? They owe me from 5 months ago.

I have read in other discussions here or maybe LinkedIn that NREIS has gone out of business.

NREIS closed January 30 and Secured Lending Services will be closing on March 2, 2013.

So I haven't heard that Secured Lending Services will be going out of business.  I was told it is business as usual although I haven't been getting paid as quickly as I used to.

Secured Lending will be closing on April 2nd.

I confirmed that as well.



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