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I used to get listings on a regular basis from Ocwen.  About a year ago they just stopped.  I have called Ocwen and they keep telling me there is nothing wrong with my status, and that assignments are not automatically assigned by computer, still I have received no more assignments. I have noticed a lot of changes on REALTRANS and it has become slightly less user friendly as well.
The Asset managers that used to assign properties to me are no longer with the company.
Has anyone else experienced these issues?  Does anyone have any suggestions?


Wisconsin and Illinois REO Specialist

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Ocwen has stopped using agents in some states, you may be in one of those states.
There are actually properties being listed by Ocwen, and they have re-assured me that I am still in good standing. Just no business.
I get one every six months or so from them and there is no rhyme or reason a to when I get them or whom they come from.

I have been watching "Outsourced" on TV to see if any of my Asset Managers are on the show but no luck so far. Maybe they're just used as consultants for the show ;-).
Ocwen stopped sending me assignments also. However the work on their BPO's was much more difficult then others I get, and would take twice as long for less money. So I guess its a mutual split.


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