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Anybody knows what happen with Ocwen? (Florida).The system is down since two o three day,just on click and them said "please try after sometime".

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I had a similar problem. Try this


 Thank you very muchDerrick

 But it dropped, now it says "server busy". Altisource always a problem.


Ocwen has been down on maintence multiple times over the past few weeks.  They usually have a notification if it's maintenance.  If the page is not displaying, try changing your ip address/mac address, this has worked for us. 

To change ip if using windows:
- Go to start menu and type cmd

- Then type ipconfig /release  (with a space after ipconfig)

- Then type ipconfig /renew  (with a space after ipconfig)


If you have a DHCP connection you'll be assigned a MAC Address and that can be edited in your router admin.

 - Type into a browser url

- Username/Password box will appear, type admin for both or leave username blank and admin for password.

- Can edit MAC address # in Mac Address settings

John Gattinger

Thanks.I'm going to try this.Thanks.


I was just on thier web site. I didn't have any problems.

Hi John:

Thanks for your help. It seems the problem is my network because I have tested other computer in my network and it happens. My office does not happen all works well, it seems the problem is my home-office network. What do you think could be happening?. Thank you .

Thank you guys one more time.



Lets run a test first...try accessing through  This site is going to cloak your ip and should relay their own to Ocwen.  If you can access with a different IP then the problem is your internet service provider, and this will provide a temporary solution.


It sounds like you have the same problem because when my office gets blocked its all the computers as well.  In this case, changing a single ip will not work, the whole network needs to basically "refresh" by changing the computer MAC address. 

Let me know how the test goes and I'll forward directions on how to change your MAC address if needed.

Hi Jonh:

It looks that is working now. I haven't get anything for two weeks.I really appreciated your help. Thank you so much.Awesome.

Did you have any auto order acceptor?

Thank you so much.





Being you were able to access through the proxy server means you need to reset your IP settings.  The below directions should work, however I'd advise to try it out on the weekend just in case you experience issues.  That way you don't always have to use the proxy.

Step 1: Input into url browser, then admin/admin for username & password.
Step 2: Click MAC Address Clone, change 2 sets of numbers to any random numbers(but don't change any that already have the letters)  Click Save Settings.
Step 3: Click Status.  Click Renew IP Address.  Wait 1 minute.  Then click Refresh.

We're working on being able to distribute the Order Acceptor software, hoping to have it released by July 4th.  Will keep you posted. 

Hi John,

Thanks for alI the feedback,  thought I had this fixed but it keeps doing it. Everytime you click on new order. I can't accept these orders. Its driving me nuts. I called altisouirce and they said they were not blocking me. what do you think? Here:


Hi John:

It's driving me crazy.

Thank you so much for your help but nothing is working for me. I changed the router setting, change the computer IP,I did everything and still on the same. Showing the same pictures as Will Abele, "server busy".

Thank you.

yeah me too, just like you guys I use software for orders at times, they said we not blocking me, maybe its comcast. they got something against bots. or they want me to upgrade to buisines account.

I changed some stuff in my belkin router and  my hmhm worked for like a few minutes this morning, then it was shut out agian.


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