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Anybody knows what happen with Ocwen? (Florida).The system is down since two o three day,just on click and them said "please try after sometime".

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the problem is,  I do not use auto acceptors, i do it manually.  But the ONLY way to get work is by continuously clicking.   They asked for my ip address and i gave it to them.   now the error message says to use a computer with different IP.    i do all my orders by myself and for myself, including taking photos.   It's always the BPO mills that screw it up for everyone else.  



  Just curious when they asked for your IP Address? Was it through a call or Email? I too accept manually and have to continuously click. It is very unfair I agree completely. I too complete all my orders myself and for myself including photos. EX: This morning I can see the orders there and before I can get to it it is  gone.

What area are you in?

I haven't received a BPO email from Altisource in over a year.  They say they are 'working on the problem'.  I can still capture orders but auto-accept is the only way I can do it. and they are my largest BPO client!

I note that now the offers only say Realtrans at the top and the "Name" on the order is Timeline Management.  What do you think that means?  Another subsidiary Ocwen spinoff?  


Timeline management is the department within Ocwen/Realtrans/Altisource that manages orders and sends out those confounded blast emails where you have a second to respond..

Today I am getting reminders to submit orders due back in 2010!  What the heck? 

Yes me too I dont what is wrong with the system ??

I wanted to know if anyone knows any auto acceptador for iMortgage. Please let me know. Thanks.


We may be able to help you call me directly or email or go here -

Joey Singh
Business Development 

Tax and Business Consulting
AmeriTax Inc.
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Before you advertise your company as the bpo outsourcer "not the bad kind" on my same threads please remove all copied content from your site which was taken from my sites old content word for word.  I would very much appreciate it!

  • Auto Accept:
    Not always behind your computer? Want time with the family? No problem! Our staff can run the simple yet time consuming task of being behind the computer accepting orders through the use of in-house automated accept software.
  • Registration:
    Valuation registration is very beneficial for increasing BPO volume. Save yourself the tedious task of applying to multiple valuation firms by submitting your information only once to our company. We will then apply to 50 of the most prestigious valuation companies across the country on your behalf.
  • Tax Refill:
    Tax prefill involves filling all predetermined information and adding the subject tax data into the online valuation form. The tax record will also be attached as a PDF file in the lead system for easy reference. This is an economical alternative for agents who prefer to complete their own orders but would like to save time at minimal cost.
  • Data Entry:
    The newest alternative for agents who prefer to have full control of the comparables and values selected for the report. This option requires tax records, comparable MLS #’s, As-Is values, and broker comments to be forwarded to our company through the lead system. We then proceed to complete the full order at a deeply discounted rate.
  • MMR’s:
    Monthly marketing reports can be completed in a similar manner to a Broker Price Opinion. The primary goal is to establish an accurate resale value and discuss what marketing techniques should be implemented to initiate a quick sale


John Gattinger

I am rolling on the floor, other Realtors copy my MLS remarks word by word all the time, I hate it. I received your reply to the Ocwen issue this morning, I will try it and will let everyone know if it works. So far turbo-BPO order capture is working great with Emortgage, and yes it is indeed working on a month free trial basis. Thank you John.

Great, thank you we have more new services in store shortly!

I heard through the grapevine that Turbo is offering a 30 day free trial up to 100 order captures and has the fastest Order Capture on the market.  ;-)

John Gattinger


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