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Anybody knows what happen with Ocwen? (Florida).The system is down since two o three day,just on click and them said "please try after sometime".

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Hello I am having the same problem any advice on how to change the MAC Address?


Hi Traci,

You can try the steps on page 1 for changing the mac address.  Let me know if this works for you.  Thanks.

It's driving me crazy, money lost!!!

thought they were blocking me,

so it works now after changing router settings?

So it's server error when accepting the orders, this is probably on their end and nothing wrong with your computer setting or IP.  This would probably explain why business has been slow, we haven't had almost any Ocwen orders assigned the last 1-2 weeks.  I'm sure most realtors are experiencing the same issue.  Earlier in the year the same thing happened and then once they fixed the issue the following week was slammed with a backlog of orders.

I'm not so sure, the emails are coming in with a boat load of orders, got 1 order yesterday accepted and then that stupid server busy stuff popped back up.  Then I was unable to accpet the other 8-9 that came in. It really is an issue of seemed  of being blocked. maybe try a vpn. I'm going to call and complain again today. Otherwise seems like someone else is getting the orders. thanks

Hello Will
How are you doing with Ocwen?
Could you tell me about VPN, I have 2 weeks without catching anything on Ocwen



I just got word from one of my clients that Ocwen has now implemented an ip blocker if the site is refreshed about 3 times too quickly causing "Busy Server"(trying to prevent running auto click software or frantically refreshing the page).  VPN might work, the best vpn to get is with multiple cities in the US so you can change ips multiple times if needed.  I would suggest getting a vpn which offers support for the OpenVPN gateway, which is just an easy program that allows you to change the ip easily.  The other alternatives are constantly changing the MAC address or rotating in a different router/modem which is a hassle.

I new they were doing something, also I right click on new orders and open in new tab. f5 refresh. If Ocwen is not already a problem enough of the time.

Hi,  I have been having same problem and tried using a different computer on different internet service, it worked fine for awhile, then i started getting the server busy signal.

It's really a shame, I sit there and click continuously to try to get work.  But because of people who use auto acceptors, the others that are there actually working to try to get work...are also getting penalized.   

I agree Mona it is a shame in the same boat here! It is very frustrating!!

whats happening now? server busy, or no work?

We are not having that problem for our clients (we are a big outsourcer for broker BPO's) (this is not a solicitation) If anyone is interested in a solution Private message or email me jsingh (at) theameritaxway (dot) com, I'm pretty sure its an out there solution by most standards..You have to click new offers and cycle back to the top of the frame (work stationbutton and not less than 4.9 seconds) if you click too fast their server blocks your IP address thinking you are an auto acceptor. (more than 3 contiguous clicks in a row) 


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