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Anybody knows what happen with Ocwen? (Florida).The system is down since two o three day,just on click and them said "please try after sometime".

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This is good to know will check it out!

Server goes busy again. But comes back up after a few clicks .

sucks, mine works fine today for some reason.


if want help, help me get some info on florida, i will tell you what I  know.

i'm an agent in jersey and i take my fl exam next week.

add me as a friend and talk to me there, later

Yea some times I have no issues and others I cant win! =)

it Works for some and not for others because their network architecture is pretty interesting- every brokers "box" (server) sits on a different computer- thats why the top of the frame is stable and the the hyper dynamic part is always "server busy". By clicking back and forth you are making it think that you are a new person who needs to be "served up" that page rather than the same person "attacking the site at the same point" At least that's what we've seen, doing this - and its just started to happen after the Saxon closing (higher service volumes) it all went to heck..

i agree man, the more you click when they must have reset thier system. mine is working good for now. What is Ameritax Bpo?

We are an Outsourcer (not the bad kind- I'm in New York City by the way) for Real Estate Brokers - think Virtual Assistants for Brokers - Our firm serves 75+ brokers around the country - We do Signups to new companies, Order Capture ( We have a team of people doing manual order capture- thank G*d the auto accept people are getting a come!)  ), BPO Data Entry (we do 2500+ BPO reports a month), Doing MMR's etc - you can go to or learn more at 

(Will I'm answering your question- not a solicitation by the way) 

awesome, nothing wrong with lovely NY. lol. I'm in jersey, i'm looking to relocate down south maybe you guys can help.emaoil me here and friend and i will give my email.

Yeah...but....funny thing...when your agents call to try to sign us up, their grammar is awful and their accents are strong..making me think it is the bad kind of outsourcing.  Also...many companies now require that we do our own data entry.  If you want to do BPOs, become a Realtor, get a license and do the work.

i've emailed numerous times, and keep getting the same generic message as a reply.  Saying they are working on it and will let me know.   When I've called, i get people that don't know what is going on, or how to resolve it.  They do say it was done for those who use auto acceptors.   These programs ruin it for everyone.  Also its quite frustrating to speak to someone from another country that has no idea what is going on.   I feel like i'm talking to a recording, i always feel that the messages they have are generic and scrpted.   But that's another issue!

Hi  - One of our clients who captures close to 500+ Orders a month and actually has 10 employees working from home and another few locations was asked to fill out a form with the IP address they are logging in from with Ocwen (she's never going to do it) - Pretty Interesting.....Main Street Valuations also asked a broker of ours this information in a different state- they are clamping down on people with auto-Accept software, people!...When you call them too..., by the way..the official line is that some brokers are experiencing (the disruption )and others are not.. because they are phasing it from broker or to broker..


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