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Just took a listing from a client who purchased a home from me in late 2005. Needless to say, their VTL, (VALUE TO LOAN) ratio is at about 35%. So that means this is a shortsale listing...

I've done plenty of work with OCWEN on the REO side but nothing on the Shortsale side.

I need to draw upon the wealth of expertise typically found within REOPRO.

Those of you who can provide insight, guidance and guidelines as well as any weblinks are encouraged to reply. PLEASE!

These clients are a great family who trusted me enough to use my services when buying their first home and they still trust me enough to help them get out from underneath a home worth about a third of what was when they bought it.

On top of that, within a week of listing their property, they sent me three referrals, all whom have listed.

So I'm thinking I really ought to do the best possible job I can with this listing.

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I expected more from REOPRO members...

I'd pose this question at


This is second hand information but an office mate had a Ocwen short sale and was having trouble dealing with the negotiator in India. she said she needed to be transferred to the florida branch in order to speak to someone in Spanish.  It worked and she had a very successful short sale.


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