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Hello Group


I did sign up with both of them. Got a confirmation e -mail from Home telos but nothing from Ofori at all.


Can you please guide me with the process ?

My e-mail is

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These two are the HUD Asset Managers, right?

Ofori sent me confirmation that I am active but no assigmnets so far.

Dear Omer  Kapic,

We are pleased to inform you that your application as a Neighborhood Listing Broker has been reviewed and accepted by Ofori and Associates, PC Procurement Department. You may start receiving Listing Assignments at the discretion of Ofori and Associates, PC and according to the area covered, the inventory volume and your performance rating.
Ofori and Associates, PC makes no guarantee on the number of Listing Assignments you may get.

Please feel free to contact Ofori and Associates, PC Procurement Department should you have any further question.

Ofori and Associates, PC Procurement Department.

Just a general comment...Ofori is accepting everyone....No experience needed. Just apply and wait...on the job training as well. (Which could be good and bad) Great company but they are going to lock it down soon. Right now its open and if you are trying to get in with HUD I suggest that you get some training on how to sell HUD homes. 

What type of training?
Google. LOL! But its the truth. That's how I learned everything I know about HUD homes. And later.....When I became a LLB I only needed the training for the actual company. And word to the wise...As of 2.17.11, Ofori does not have any training but the asset managers are great on assisting you with needs. But just know you will be pissed off with the very 1st asset you get from them.

That is an understatement about Ofori. I've done several and my company well over 50 so far and each one is a different experience. Do not expect a quick response (if at all) when you have an issue, they are simply overwhelmed and do not have the personall to handle everything. They are getting better but it will be a long hard road!


Ofori has NO training officially that I know of. They have been working on classes for agents, my office acted as crash test dummies for them a while back but I have not seen the actual classes offered anywhere yet.


Ofori and HomeTelos are still accepting applications but from what I have been told, they are pretty much locked in with their listing brokers.

Ive received 4 assignments from them... the 1st was tough trying to figure out what they wanted and how the website themselves are not perfect and added to the problem by requesting a pre-close report when I had just received the property.... so I told her that it sounds like they took a previous offer... she looked into it and that was exactly it, my experienced got us through that one and she was pleased.This was just a small part of what happened ont he 1st

   Mr. Marqueze Williams is correct.... google everything and get a good grip of their protocols, it will allow you to learn quicker.In the end, you are "tested" on every listing you get....

Reagrds and Good Luck!


Sundance Realty South Florida, Inc.

How do you sign up for Ofori and Home Telos? Do you have a link? your help is really appreciated.

Here is the link to Ofori! Good Luck




-Doug Grantham

 RE/MAX Orange Beach, AL


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