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Has anyone taken the online RES.NET training?  Was it easy to listen to?  Was the test just on how to use the Resnet system?  Was passing easy enough to get certified right after taking the class?  Can you take the test more than once?

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I took training about an year ago and got certification right away. Honestly, I do not remember details, must be easy if I did so quick and with out any bumps. You can do it. Go for.

I really meant the live online training.

It was live online training, unless there are several I'm not aware of or not paying attention? 

Ok here it goes. Res Net training is specific to their site which is an adjunct to the business model of USRES.   I had been with USRES as an agent since 1995 and did many of their FREE bpo's to get listings.   but as the freebys mounted and less and less listing i've given up -at lasdt count i did 250 driveby's and got one listing forturnalty could do about 5 in an hour but they change the systme way too hard for free and in the hopes of a listing.   would be best to check their client list first before joining.     took the class fell asleep and took the test in 15 min and pasted at a 90% real easy

I agree, same experience. I completed about 100 ext/int bpos received 3 listings (1 true reo and 2 out of state investor properties) reo sold easy! the investor owned were a nightmare! I recently switched to paid agent for the bpos and received payment for 9 bpos and pending 2. Haven't received an order in about 3 weeks (rare) but since I'm paid now.

I dropped the pro membership. I was told the math is 15 free bpos for 1 listing well I completed 100 free and got 1 true REO and 2 investor owned which isn't the same they bought high (with another realtor) and expected to sell higher (me as listing agent) which the market data didn't support. They recently called me 2 days ago trying to sell me on their $140 discount, I explained the math I was told and he told me they don't assign listings so no way they can control it. All my listings were assigned through them, same when I was under another agent before. Big joke! They won't tell you who they manage reos for but simply look at the listings on their website then look them up on your MLS > tax recs and boom owners. Usually FreddieMac, BofA and other smaller institutions. All the BPOs are for FDMC they get paid by FDMC but in return won't pay their agents. Once you become a paid BPO agent you'll get 1 or 2 orders since there is always a new sucker doing free BPOs. :)

Dropped my pro membership yesterday, not getting listings from it.  

Agreed. Im not getting anything either. Way to much free work for nothing. Gas is way to expensive. 

It was an easy test plus you can use the manual they let you download. It is pretty easy


 I have, Please respond to me by E-Mail or phone 206-940-2801 if you still want info







I have taken the online training in the past and it was easy if you have been dealing with them for any time at all.  It's mostly how to use the system.  The latest training is on the new updated site which is much better than the old one and is more mobile friendly for accepting and checking orders.   I have received several listings from various companies because of being on Res.Net plus the fact that in rural East Texas some REO companies only get a few actual foreclosures per year in this area.  

I do a lot of BPO's but have never done any of the "Free" ones as I have heard what so many have reported.  The ROI for those is almost nothing.  The pay so little anyway, if you have to drive very far, you've lost your profit before you start for many of them.  I also do not take any that only pay $40 or $50.  I set a minimum fee of $65.00 or more depending on the location and still have all the work I want, sometimes more than I want.  

I have tried to take the LIVE online training twice but the sound is terrible - tinny and echo-ey punctuated with microphone popping noises - and the visuals of Resnet screens are blurry.  I have had to quit twice trying to take this because it was horrible but the trainer says no one ELSE has ever complained about it.  

I've been on Resnet for at least 10 years so I know how the system works.  Their 'pre-recorded' other online training has very good sound and clear animated visuals.  I don't really know why we should have to sit in front of a computer for a 3 hour live class just to take a test to get 'certified' for something we already know - AND PAID FOR. is just a platform I have taken the classes the program is fairly easy and straight forward. REO has slowed way down but I am thankful for any work that is sent my way. Working for free is not the way to go. Just say NO and then ask if they can work for free for the potential to get a pay check you will hear a silence on the other end of the phone. My response is if you can work for free for the potential to get a pay check let me speak to your boss and I will tell him or her to stop all paychecks he or she can work for free for the potential to receive a awesome pay check later. It will not work for me and it will not work for those that are calling us. Just say NO Thank you and hang up


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