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Has anyone taken the online RES.NET training?  Was it easy to listen to?  Was the test just on how to use the Resnet system?  Was passing easy enough to get certified right after taking the class?  Can you take the test more than once?

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I guess none of you had any problem with the sound and visuals on the LIVE training like I did.  I will now accept that I am officially nuts.  Thanks for all of your responses.


Third time is the charm - I guess.  I tuned in an hour plus late and the test popped up.  So I took it.  A couple of poorly worded questions got me messed up.  82% with passing at 75%.  Whoo-hoo!  Hope I get credit for it.  

It is also not 3 hours long.  Maybe an hour and a half plus 10 minutes for a 49 question test.  Class started at 4pm.  I tuned in at around 5:30 and I'm typing this at 6pm.

AND THE SOUND WAS Sooooooo MUCH BETTER for what little I heard!


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