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Now paying $30.00 for a drive by BPO is nor worth starting my car! I have 27 years experience and I consider this an insult. We need to be paid what our services are worth.

Just turn them down. Or email the order person with your fee. They know I will do their orders for a negotiated fee. Many times they are in a bind and ask you what you will charge.

Carol, I agree we are worth more then 30.00 dollars.insulting.

Peggy Ann Schaffran

I had asked them to take me off their list, I negotiated a fee with them, they then paid me the regular amount. It really is insulting. 

Keep your correspondance with the fee. Print out the order form that shows the fee. Then point it out to them.

I have never been paid less than the negotiated fee. They reserve the right to pay the regular fee if the order is late but they have never done that to me - even when I WAS late.

I did exactly that-just how long are you going to argue over a fee. they did not pay my negotiated fee, I don't work for them any more. Also,my in box was getting in undated with $35 offers-when all is said and done-it's less than minimum wage. 

Why are they arguing about it? Did they say why they are deliberately cheating you?

they say I agreed to do it as a rush,so they decided to go back to the original fee.. any way-between that,and being asked to do files for $35-I just felt it was too insulting. I told the manager there to go ask his dad to work for minimum wage-I am not about to do it.


I asked for $65 per bpo driveby and got it.

CECE  -   I always get my fee.  I won't leave mt drive for less.

Got a msg from ORTC urging me for an interior 2 days ago. Rather than asking for more. I just do not return the call.

Their coordinator has little power to get it at par with other companies.  They have been paying $30 for several years. 

My client ordered a timed drive by appraisal with 7 comps for $450. It looks like a bpo to me.


For about 4 years these bpo companies had agents begging for their business, fighting for their attention and they were calling the shots, however, the scales are back in our favor and we as agents and brokers need to understand we are in the driver's seat. Now, for every agent that doesn't do the work they ask us to do for pennies, it threatens their future existence. As you can see from the chain of responses, agents and brokers are doing just that as well as myself. I stopped doing bpo's for Old Republic a year ago when they got pissy with me on the phone for requesting a higher fee. I also have seen threads from agents asking if Old Republic was in trouble over the last year because they were on the watch list for late payers. 

Just walk away because they aren't going to change their fee structure and if they don't have the respect of the real estate community then the hell with them.


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