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I was just approved with Old Republic Default Management Services (ORDMS) as a REO Listing Agent. In order to receive REO listings you have to sign up with Res.Net for an annual fee of $250. Has anyone had any positive/negative experiences with either Res.Net or Old Republic?

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Good morning Lillian.
Guy. M from Exitrealtyplus in MA
I have registered to 2 years ago, I recently just received 3 Listing assignements. I currently do a lot of BPOs for Old Republic. They are all good companies. Just be patient.
Thanks Guy, as a new agent I was wondering if I should invest the $250 with Thanks for your advice and I will be patient. Old Republic does seem to be a good organization. The staff is responsive and I too do a good number of BPO work for them. Were the REO listings you received from Old Republic or another asset company? Have a great day and thanks again!
Congrats, Lillian. Patience paid off.
No the Reo listings was from Olympus Asset Management, and Banker Asset Management. I was told by one Asset manager from Old republic that in order to receive any Reo listing, there is a certain number of BPOs to be done.

Lillian, I am currently Signed up with them and have been receiving BPO assignment. How many BPO's did you complete before they added you as a preferred Agent? Are there any additional steps I should take?.....I am just trying to figure out if it is worth to do the BPOs....dont want to feel like I am spinning my wheels!

Congrats! I have been on ResNet for quite some time. Really, it is more of an Offer Management System platform than a vehicle to receive new listings. A few clients will look for an agent in ResNet just to make sue the agent is familiar with the system. ResNet is a very good system, and very user friendly. How did you get on with Old Republic (if I can ask)?
Hi Franklin,

Here is the Old Republic app............I hope this helps!
Hi Franklin,
Google Old Republic Default Mmgt. Services and obtain the web site and just sign up to become a BPO agent. After you complete 5 BPO's at a certain score you are eligible to become a preferred agent. I think you have to complete 10 in order to receive a listing. Actually it is quite easy!
But remember you are being scored for everything so be very dilegent!
Hello Lillian,

Thank you for the information. I am going to Google and try to get connected to Old Republic Default Management.

I am a member of ResNet and REOtrans and it is basically silent. This may be the next step to ramp up my business.

Denise Stovall
Sonoma County
Northern California
I signed up with them sometime ago. Out of curiosity how long it took to receive a BPO request?
I recall they said they have rec'd my application and will be in touch shortly if in need of my service?
Hi Sam,

If I recall it didn't take too long. Send them an email and let them know you have not heard anything.
What is the site to sign up on ??


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