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This month, Old Republic has been sending me all of their BPO orders for $30.  Their standard has generally been $40 up until now in the Akron Ohio area.  What is happening elsewhere?

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I don't even look at their stuff anymore
I see this is an old blog . However it's 2016 and they still underpay agents at 30.00.
I refuse to take a BPO at this price and have tried to negotiate but can't seem to reach a live person . Every haven seems directed to an email for everything . If anyone has a direct contact that be great .

I click on the email address of the assigning employee especially on a Friday.  I got 2 exteriors at $65 and one at $50 last week.  

I use to do a lot for Old Republic then they cut their fees to $40 now they are coming through @ $30.  I do not accept any BPO for less than $50.  My time and work is worth even more than $50 but I feel that is fair for local BPO's.  I no longer go out of town either.  

I do not do anything for less then $100 unless I'm already going to be in the neighborhood, then I might consider  something less, depending on the turn time. However have been transitioning everyone up to $125.00 for basic drive-by with minimum of 7 day turn time, and that may go up for 2017.

Are you in an urban, suburban, or rural area?  What state?  Can you say what companies are accepting your terms?   Especially the 7 day turn.  You can send me info. 

I am in a very rural area but, any company that has to call or reach out to you direct because they can't place it will pay a whole lot more, as well as give you more time.   Pro-Teck, e-mortgage, Servicelink or what ever this weeks name is, clear Capital, single source, etc.  I have 29+ years in the business and at $125 they are still getting a steal.

I no longer do any for them, I truly find it offensive even getting a $30 solicitation. My usual response it to the person calling is to ask their dad to works for what amounts to $8 an hour after expenses. 

I don't waste my time with companies that pay that little.

There is an agent link email address in their orders.  Simply reply to that and let them know what your fee is.  I get them all the time and don't do anything for $30.

ORT pays 45 ext/ 65 int. in the Phoenix metro area.


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