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This month, Old Republic has been sending me all of their BPO orders for $30.  Their standard has generally been $40 up until now in the Akron Ohio area.  What is happening elsewhere?

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Since I’m new to BPO’s I have a few questions....

1) how do I find out a homes Style?
2) What is the best way to describe The subject property? Best way to describe subject neighborhood?
3) And where do you get the stats or statistics of the neighborhood?
4) Should we use absorption rates? Is so can you give me an example on how you would write it out.

Thank you everyone!!!

William - those are good questions. pls start a new discussion. that is off topic. thanks

ok thank you

In Alabama, I have been doing BPOs for them for years also. They typically start with me for $35. Generally I do them for $50-$60 if I can tell it will be an easy one.

 The ones that they had been sending me were for $30 and now they have upped the fee to $35 which is still too low!!

I am worth more than $30, I will not accept anything less than $50 from any BPO company.  I am not working for nothing and even at $50 the fee is to low, but I am willing to do exteriors for that.

it seems to me that there must be some folks out there with auto accept,that will accept any file given to them, that is really sad.

Wow I see so any of you saying that you wont work for less than a certain amount, etc. You have NO POWER to dictate!  There are thousands of agents who will do them for 5 bucks! If some of you demand higher fees and actually get business, my hats off to you. I do about 5 to 10 a DAY. Ive driven 120,000 miles in just my surrounding county over the last 4.5 years just doing them. You name them---Ive done work for them and only once in a while will I get a higher fee IF its wayyy out, say 30 to 40 miles away. Some of dislike $30. Well, Ive completed 268 orders in the last 5 months for one company at $30 each. Do the math.  What really chapped my hide was CoreLogic and their stupid BID system. That way we cut our own fees and they didnt have to . LOL Its actually genius. I believe Ive done over 5,000 total BPOs. I aint taking trips to Europe on that money but its sure been constant and paid the bills. Plus, you write of 50 cents a mile for taxes! Thats huge.


sounds to me you are working for minimum wage-you are selling yourself out-you are hurting yourself and family-

Now, now, boys.  Let's not make judgements.  To each his or her own.  On his own time, in her own way.

Makes me many will spend the time for $30 BUCKS. Even doing 268 of them for $30 is $8000. How much time did that take? I stopped doing them when they dropped from $50. They used to call me directly for hard to do BPOs, but I got paid if you know what I mean... $100. Then you guys came along.
Makes me happy because Im selling homes and making much more then $30. Less competition on listings and buyer sales because your out drivng around taking pics of what will become another agents listing. I haven't done 5000 BPOs and I never will. I have 3 deals closing this month for over $34,000 to me. I went to Bend OR last week and I'm off to New Mexico for the baloon festival in a couple weeks. All because Im not driving all over the county and stuck behind a computer. Good luck but glad it's you and not me. Work smarter and not harder.



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