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This month, Old Republic has been sending me all of their BPO orders for $30.  Their standard has generally been $40 up until now in the Akron Ohio area.  What is happening elsewhere?

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I agree, the best thing that happened was when Secured Lending went out of business ( not happy for the people that lost their jobs) but I had kept telling myself that I needed to break away from doing 15-20+ a week but I just couldn't, or didn't see how I could (it's like an addiction) ....but when they did ...I did...., now I pick and choose...maybe 3-5 a week at "my price" and locations convenient for me because I'm going that way anyway....and because of this new found time, I am really busy with regular real estate because I now have time to do so...and making a whole lot more money ! I still think BPO's are good for keeping you on top of what the market is " really " doing ...

FINALLY an agent who gets it....3-5 a week and 100.00 or more, works for me.....Let the bottom feeders do the 30 and 40 dollar ones. 

We know what out work is worth...

You people kill me WHY WOULD YOU DO A BPO FOR $40.00???  You only hurt the industry when you work for cheap.  Unless that is what your service is worth , then I guess ,,,go for it

Patti - I have held this back for months.  You are the rudest person I have ever read with the nerve to post the same thing over and over.  So rude and so judgmental. Try contributing something of substance for a change.

You have no idea if these people have a team, are highly automated, or at the end of their sales career, or just do them when they don't have to go out of their way to get them done or just like to drive.  It is really not your call.  

I did something I would not normally do - 10 $35 BPOs.  I was able to use the same exact comps for 7 of them and the same exact comps for 3 of them.  

Judge me now.

This company is not offering enough for your services. Make counter offer or turn down the work. Every agent or Broker is a professional. Your time and ability is a valuable service to these companies. They want you to do more and more for less, this must stop and were the one's that can stop it.  

I sometimes call to counter offer $40 fee's,only to find they have been already taken!

Let them go. Your time is worth more than doing that type of work for about cost when you figure driving time photo's computer, MLS services, I think real estate  agents and broker should never work for 8 dollar and hour that is just crazy. 


I agree 100%

They are paying $30 here in Florida as well.

Old Republic, as well as Main Street will negotiate the fees if everyone one just be more patient and let them be at $35 and $40.  They keep raising the fee if you don't take them and if you counter one that has been out there for a day or two, they will always raise the fee to $50 or more.  You have to weigh in the cost of gas,  wear and tear on your car, mileage on your car reducing its value, your time, sometimes toll fees, etc. and each order between drive time and completion taking about 2 hours of your time, isn't that worth a minimum of $25 to $40 per hour?  When you do it for less it is like prostituting yourself.  Sorry, but give them resistance and they will comply.

I think the problem is with the guys that have auto accept programs-I can't tell you how many times I have called to negotiate a fee,and the job is already taken! 50 bucks should be the minimum

As long as some of our brothers and sisters will do the work for that lower fee that's what they'll offer.  I've always kicked them back with my minimum fee.  Get about a third of them.  Still a lot of agents in my local area who apparently can do one for $30.  They must guy gas cheaper than I can.


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