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Just heard from my asset mgr that they are reassigning a bunch of properties due to a new policy about distance to the subject. Your office can only be 10 miles away from the property, they can bump it up to 20 with mgmt approval.

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I had someone contact from Old Republic last week and I registered for BPO work. I have been getting about 2 interiors per day from them since then. All Short Sales. What is the process for REO listings? How are they assigned? I read somehwre there is training involved? I also saw something on a site that stated you must perform 10 BPO's or work for them 90 days before reigistering for REO's?

Any information comes greatly appreciated.
They of course have their own curriculum program...classes that you need to sign up for...$400 later to do REO's.
Not only do you have the class at almost $400 but you have to register with the platform company they use. I can't remember what it's called (REOMaestro?) that cost around $175. And you need to complete at least 10-15 bpos with them.
I have done 100 BPOs for them, befriended the BPO and vendor managers who've put in good words for me with all the AMs and NADA. I decided not to shell out the cash for their new training requirements.

Has anyone else had a similar experience.
Kyle, Barb and all others,
I was on their approved REO list in 2009. Silencio or nada. This year I signed up with the company for registration. So far they demanded original copies of the broker licenses. A resume, all references checkedout. They said my name was search-able but needing to complete my $399 training(~18 hours long 80% or better score). I have uploaded other REO credentials and will give them my ivy league graduate diploma which is the highest any institute can issue. They kept demanding that I need to learn how to do bpos and complete their own training. From other blogs I read only 2 or 3 agents are getting listings since 2009. Rest agents put their money down and showed their empty wallets.

I have luckily completed 10+ BPOs with no call back for correction. So my standing in good. To get that many in one year I have to go to 2 counties away for a $45 interior. Their BPO dept is so small and does not seem to be well organized. BPOs stay in queue for days and I have to ask the coordinator to go after their own qa. Unless they have the inventory to show, should we spend $ elsewhere?


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