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I was just approved with Old Republic Default Management Services (ORDMS) as a REO Listing Agent. In order to receive REO listings you have to sign up with Res.Net for an annual fee of $250. Has anyone had any positive/negative experiences with either Res.Net or Old Republic?

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I have been doing BPOs for Old Republic as well and did not receive a REO Listing. Reading all of your comments in paying for a couple of the sites I admire you. I got burned so many times in paying out fees that turned out to be a joke. Now I am so turned off for paying for a service until others prove to me it it really worth it. I have received 2 REO listings in a year and am told I have a excellent rating. Why I am not getting more REO listings I do not know. I do not feel paying a yearly fee will do it. Unless someone can show me I am wrong. I am open to other opinions and suggestions.
Hi Donna,

To date, I have only paid for Res.Net and if nothing materializes from this site I do not plan to pay for any others. I too feel these paying sites are in the business of collecting fees and not really assigning listings. You are right!
Hi, I joined Res.Net several months ago and received one BPO. I was told by an Asset Manager that it is important to be a member. The BPO form was very easy to use and I feel like more business will come from my membership. Could you share with me the Old Republic contact you have? I have a contact I can share with you as well.

Have a great week!

Amelia Pleasant
Pleasant Realty
Serving NC & SC
I do have a short sale, I had to pay Res.Net. The short sale was assigned to a asset manager. I did a BPO, price was approved. Received many offers and still no respond to those offers after so many days in the market. The investor is Fannie Mae. But this is turning ugly.
I love working with ORDMS. I have been working with them for about 2 or three years now as an REO Broker and they are very easy to with as well as friendly. Res.NET is just for expenses, the rest is done through REOTrans. You'll enjoy working with them
Hi Jennie,

What do you mean it it's just for expenses and the rest is done through REOTrans? Sorry, I'm new and don't know all the lingo yet? Are you saying I have to sign up with an additional platform to receive REO listings from ORDMS??? I hope not..... Now that I am an approved REO agent what do you suggest I do now if anything to receive listings?
All of the agents I know that work on ROETrans and RESNET have accounts with the banks directly and just use these sites as a portal. These are not how they established their contact. First was asked on by an asset manager then had to sign up with portal. Never paid a fee for either site. is great, they are who different AM keep up with their assets, expenses, etc. USRES makes you sign up with them when you first get a listing. i closed 4 thru them last year and 10 so far this year. But good thing another company MDWebb found me on and gave me two listing assigments in August. I did the ten BPO's thru Old Republic and they said would turn me over to listing department, That was last fall no listings yet? USRES is where you get the BPO's for the listing from, however USRES does not pay for BPO only the chance of getting listings. But it seems to work out if you keep doing the BPO's and don't quit like many agents do.
Gary Mitchell
Keller Williams Charlotte NC
Lillian, you are lucky. I have been with OR for a while now. They are GREAT. Res Net is your salvation since all is there. Keep the AM updated on status of properties. When I get on in title, I update them on a weekly basis. Once in you will be good to go. Just a word of caution on the Litton properties. Here in FL Litton does not pay the HOA back fees unless it is the current month. I do a search of the fees outsstanding, and get approval to have it paid. BE SURE to run it by the AM first. Good luck.
Hi Frank,

Thanks for the great advice, but I am more worried about actually receiving the REO listings. Anything else I should do besides continuing to do a good job with the BPO's?
Hello Lillian,

I would like to recommend that you join the Aspen Grove agent network through Aspen iAgent™.

As an REO agent, iAgent™ can help you successfully manage your REO Property Portfolio using a completely web-based software. The annual fee for iAgent is $349.00 applicable at registration; however, unlike many of the other agent networks, iAgent comes with many additional features which can add benefit to your business.

As an iAgent user, you will be on a list of agents accessible to Aspen Grove’s REO and BPO clients. If a client is looking for an agent in your area you will be listed there and the client can choose you for REO/BPO work.

Aspen iListing is a free additional service for all iAgent users which applies to all properties listed in iAgent. You will get to directly market all your properties on FREE of charge. iListing is marketed to buyers via mailing lists, Google ads and web search optimization. Buyer’s agents can register on iListing and automatically submit offers on your properties and submit all of the pre-approval and required documents directly to you in iAgent.

You will be also listed on Aspen iListing when a buyer is looking for an agent. In other words you may receive buyer referrals on Aspen iListing for free.

Some additional perks include:
- First 20 properties added to the system are FREE
- Receive credit for cancelled properties
- A once and once only charge of just $14.95 per property

You can register online at or for more information on the company, Aspen Grove, visit

I absolutely love Old Republic but they said you need to do at least 10 BPO's for them before you get listings, although I am not there yet I love their website and I have been with Res.Net for over a year now, I have not received any listings from this site.


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