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Has anyone worked with them? They are part of REO Thanks 

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Never heard of Clear Capital being affiliated with, however I know they are associated with, and own, REO Network, which you can search for REO agents.

Joey,  Good catch your right!  I meant REO Network.


I also have been contacted by Optimal REO Solutions and was told the up front charge  (which I normally NEVER do) was for the platforms the asset manager would have to use and that I would be reimbursed with my first closing.  I have completed 3 bpo's of which one of them has been on the market as a short sale but Optimal told me that it was going to be re-assigned to me.  Today they sent me a MSA and in reading it Lear Disposolutions was in the agreement.  The agreement does not mention the property that I was supposedly going to list with them.  I have yet to fully review and have not forward to my broker yet! is now Exceleras.  It is a legit platform.  It costs $75/year for a basic membership that includes BPO and REO assignment ability.  $300 gets you 30 zip codes.

I'd avoid anything to do with Lear anything especially if they want $449 upfront.

When I'm approached with this kind of opportunity at a cost my answer is,  sure I'll pay your fee's at closing off HUD!

ok, so I got a call as well.I spoke with Eric Bates, the clue was the $500.00 fee they said was for Safeguard.  Problem is Safeguard does not do that.  If it smells like Team Lear, and sounds like Team Lear........or it is a couple of young guys fumbling around trying the same approach as Team Lear.

One clue Eric bates said the property was listed as a short sale.  No it wasn't.  This time I didn't get suckered to give them $500.00.  I guess that must be a magic number to avoid being caught in a crime to charge someone $500.00

I hate having my time wasted but I really want to get the word out.  So hey let's all let our friends and fellow agents know about this.  You know even the website they sent me too reminds me of the team lear site.

it sounds very much like them. they ask stupid questions about your experience, when in reality, no one asks.

ok so they also told me they are listed as an LLC.  So I went to the Minnesota Secretary of State's office and there is no such filing for Optimal REO Solutions LLC

so I encourage others to check it out.  They fave me their address as 7825 Washington Ave. Eden Prairie, MN 55439

I got a call today from Tom at REO Solutions.  Said they collect $500 up front for the services provided by Safeguard?  You get refunded on first closing?  This does not sound right to me?  Are they just another scam.

I called Safeguard Broker direct and they have never heard of the company,they didn't use that on me (nor did they mention about getting reimbursed on the first closing), just said Safeguard takes care of all field services. They assigned me Occupancy checks and  3 BPO's which were due on June 20th, I never did them, they still show there, if they were legit, you would think there would be a past due notice or someone would ask about them. The occupancy checks were not tasks, he said to just email, that was a red flag also.  Someone said they find the LP properties on Realty Trac so when they call you they have addresses in your area.  I called the Clerk of the Courts and one of the properties foreclosure action was cancelled, the other two had no Final Judgments in the works, just an LP,  so I think the Realty Trac tactic is correct.

 They do have REO Solutions on the home page, and that is how I was approached, that they were part of them. Also if you go to the About Us page, none of the people listed show up in Google, Optimal does not even have a FB page but they have all social media logos on their home page.

 if they call you, just hang up., total scam

Did they give you a Minnesota phone Number? We just got a similar call no company name mentioned but they have a listing for us..must talk to broker..gave Minnesota phone number and name "TOM"

When I was speaking to Eric Bates (possible alias) I asked for the office address.  On Google maps it showed me the middle of a highway.  There was no building. 

Anyone who does REO knows that Safeguard will contact you directly if they are involved.  I am just so sick of these little con artists.  So similar to Team Lear


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