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Has anyone worked with them? They are part of REO Thanks 

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it was actually someone at Citi directly. Not an asset manager. It was in evictions.  That person was either fired or quit. I may send a letter to the department to see what can be done.

I would like to know has anyone requested a Refund from Optimal REO Solutions.. ? 

They most likely operate as Team Lear did which is they would say after one year they would refund your money.  you need to call your credit card company and dispute the charge.  When I asked Eric Bates for an address and googled it, the map took me to the middle of a freeway.  They told me the $500. was for Safeguard.  Anyone who does REO knows that you set up your own account with Safeguard.

Hello Catherine.. I have already disputed the charge with my credit card company. .. Thanks for your info. Never ever again... will I pay. (absolutely no doubt in my mind).

I request and received a refund. But I had also file a complaint with the BBB. Good luck

I also requested a refund and received the refund .. and made a complaint myself. so this does not continue to happen to other agents.. 

We all need to report them... I have already made a report to authorities.. so that they can investigate them and put a stop to this company continuing to operate and scam others.. I am really upset about this and I would like to see them shut down.

Stephanie,  When you say you made a report to authorities, who exactly did you contact?  Lindsay Day is located supposedly in Illinois.  Did you contact the AG for Illinois?? 

Hello Mary,

I made a report to the Federal Trade Commission.. regarding them and I mentioned Lindsay Day and also

listed her direct phone number and gave the address of the company of whom they state to be...

Stephanie,  do you think the FTC will get back to you?

Hello Mary,

I really do not know.. I have never ever had to make a complaint about any company before. If they do I will be sure to let you know... 

Stephanie,  I also have been speaking with Lindsay Day and even sent her an email letting her know about the discussion blogs that I have been on and everyone's comments about Optimal REO.  She responded with a very lengthy email telling me she was not out to get money from me (ha ha) and that there was a 150 days guarantee (whatever that means) and then she would refund my money.  If that is true I won't receive the refund until October.  I am not going to wait that long!!!  I still have not received any listings from them.  I have emailed her several times and she just responds that  "it takes time with the banks"!  


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