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Has anyone worked with them? They are part of REO Thanks 

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They are a scam. I asked Lindsay for a reference, she had an agent from CA email me and tell me he had just closed two deals and was very happy. I looked up his name with CA dept of RE and he is licensed, but not allowed to perform real estate transactions. (No office affiliation) I called Lindsay and emailed the agent asking about this discrepancy, low and behold they have never called back.... RUN do not look back

Kelly,   Are you going to continue to make contact with Lindsay Day?  I will be contacting her this week and I will let everyone know her response! 

I am finished. They have returned my money. But I will continue to warn everyone I can to stay away.

Ask her for a couple referrences to any agent she has listed properties with. I would love to see who she send to contact you. I guess they think we are to stupid to check out the story.

Great idea Kelly---I will do that first and see how Lindsay responds!  You would think that she would get "nervous"  if several agents are asking for the same verification of "their" company!  will let everyone know how she responds to that!  I'm glad they returned your money!!


Just dispute the charge with your credit card company that is what I did because it appears the people are not

honest.. Run.. Run.. from them and do not have any contact with them.. whatsoever.. Where are you located?

I am in Southern California... Are you a REO Agent.?

Hi Stephanie,  I am going to contact Lindsay Day and demand for the refund now and she how she responds!  I am located in Phoenix, AZ and yes I am an reo agent and have been selling reo properties here for 26 years!!  Started out working directly with the bank reo departments and it was great.  Then they had to start the outsourcing and third party companies which I have never liked.  Are you currently working with any third party companies or banks directly?

Hello Mary,

I am also in Phoenix (Mesa). We should meet for coffee sometime and talk shop.

yes, we should.  you may contact me direct at   look forward to hearing from you!

Hello Mary,

I tried and tried.. on my own. for four years straight I became a full-time BPO agent. and while I was working BPO for about 5 companies.. they kept me so very busy.. I never ever received an REO listing.  I was told to do the BPO's and that my name would be on all of the BPO assignments and if the Banks were in need of a listing agent they could possibly reach out to me for the REO assignment. Well this never ever happened for me and I really started to burn out on BPO assignments .. I worked so hard drove several counties to visit the properties some interior some exterior.. and no listings from all of that work.. I never ever had a broker or office manager tell me how to become an REO agent. or anyone else for that matter. I still do not know how to become the REO agent. I really wore myself out working BPO and at the time I worked BPO assignments I took myself away from marketing to homeowners nor did I do open houses or work with buyers.. The BPO assignments got me nowhere as to moving forward.. as I did not build a savings account working BPO's .. so this has been my experience.. Lots and Lots of BPO work that did not pay much only to just keep myself above water as a single mom of two boys. 

Report them to your State Attorney General....that gets their attention

Did you receive the refund?  


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