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Has anyone worked with them? They are part of REO Thanks 

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Optimal caught me in an airport trying to get home so I fell for it, the next day sitting at my computer I started to investigate them, I did not like what I found out, nothing added up, so I immediately contacted my Credit Card Company, within 48 hrs and they issued the conditional refund, 60 days had to pass before it was permanent, Optimal never disputed it and never answered any of my requests when I pressed them for more info.  Bottom line, anyone asking for money up front, just hang up.

This is a scam.  Everyone please go to and fill out a fraud report.  I have also reported them to the BBB even though they are not a member.  Do not confuse this company with REO Solutions--they are not the same. This is REO Solutions info


85 Robert Street. Suite 31
Boston, Massachusetts 02131
Phone: (617) 469-2900
Fax: (617) 469-2903
REO NATIONAL is a Registered Trademark

I have been trying to get my $500 back since June when I realized this was a scam.  They were going to refund to my card, then they had to mail it.  They say they have mailed it to me every week.  As of 9-11-2016 it has not shown up.

We have to get this Company shut down.  I really don't have time to do all of this but I have had enough. I bought their story in the beginning because Eric was going to give me all of their listings in my area and needed me to put up some money to make sure I was going to be a team player.  I would get that money back upon my first closing.  Right---the property he assigned in May has still not been foreclosed on.  Everybody that has been taken by them please report them so we can shut them down. 

Yeah, they told me they were part of REO Solutions too, they are probably creating a new name/business by now so just be aware and don't sign up for listings, they are constantly re-invent their scam. Your credit card company will take care of it, just copy and paste messages from this thread to support your case..... Optimal is not challenging the disputes.

I just got 2 calls, one to see if I still have the same info and the second one to "sign me up."  I got suckered before, so I asked her (Dominic??) to call me back in 3 hours - my intention was to look REO Solutions up.

They gave me a "property in question" and I have to look that up, too.

Anyway, I am not letting go of $500 for this... I just may not answer the phone, too.

So I finally contacted Lindsay Day with Optimal REO Solutions and told her about all the comments on this website.  I requested she refund my money asap.  She did respond and stated she has contacted the "billing department" and said I would get my refund within 7-10 business days.  We will see!!

Hi Mary; Did you receive your funds back?

Hi Janine,

NO  I never received my funds back.  I filed a complaint with the AG of Minnesota.  I also went to my bank that I have my debit/credit card with and filed a claim.  They closed my claim because of the time frame.  I called them again today and they have agreed to re-open my claim.  I will be forwarding a number of emails that I have from Lindsay Day.  I have also tried to contact Lindsay Day on several occasions by email, text, and phone calls and no response from her.  For now it sounds like my credit card company is willing to investigate this further and credit my account.  I will let you know what happens but I am not letting this go and continue to pursue this! 

Please keep me updated on what happens as we are following through with this for sure. The emails I have received from her are unbelievable.  

I've never heard of that one. Going to try now

So as of today I still have not heard from Lindsay Day nor have I received my refund!  I will be mailing my fraud report today to the Minnesota Attorney General.  Has anyone else received their refund and if so how did you do it??  I now cannot get Lindsay Day to respond!!  Would welcome any suggestions!!

You have to do it through your Credit Card company, that is the only way, of course they are not going to refund you, the scam artists that they are, you are good with your CC up to 6 months to challenge a charge then the bank has a waiting period to give them time to respond which they won't.


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