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Has anyone worked with them? They are part of REO Thanks 

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I made an inquiry after I got the call from them. They sounded really legit and asked good questions. The property they gave me was indeed going for county auction in a week, too.  Andrew Carnell and Linzy Day. When I said that I didn't have my purse with me and I'd have to call her back, she said that she'd transfer me back to Andrew and he'd give me her direct number. Weird statement, right? I asked them "Is it REO solutions or Optimal REO solutions?" The answer is that they use "Optimal REO solutions' platform." That was a red flag for me. They called after 5 pm, too, so I wasn't  able to verify with REO solutions right away. They're getting more and more sophisticated. As a matter of Fact, I think Andrew Carnell has a profile here in REO Pro. Are we going to do something about that? This is the reply from REO Solutions this morning.

Absolutely NOT.  As a matter of fact this company is a MAJOR scam.


I get multiple calls / emails from our agent asking about this.


We have corporate attorney working on this fraud matter.


Please do NOT pay the $499 fee.  You will never get you money back or get any business from them

Andrew Carnell was the guy who was my "asset manager" I paid to him my 499 and now he does not answer my calls or replies to my emails.

I signed with them back in May and I have been requesting a refund without luck. Nobody answer the phone. Nobody reply to my email and my bank can not help me because is over 90 days. Any substitutions? I want to get my money back and I don't know what to do. ;(

Hi folks!  I just got an inquiry about REOs in my area from Andrew last night.  If you have been on REO Pro Default for at least 3 years you will know about the problems we had with the folks in PA.  I had to fight to get my $300 back and have an attorney look at the issues.  Do not pay to work for ANYBODY!  We are all in the business to make money.  Do not let them make a mockery of our business.  Please do not pay to work in this business.  Respect what we do.

I just checked again and Andrew Carnell is no longer on ReoPro Ning. We called him out and he could no longer prey on us. Good riddens!

Just wanted to let everyone know,  I got my $499 back!  I made a claim to my bank and they investigated the situation and I finally received my money back in my account.  I think what saved me was all the emails I sent to Lindsay Day starting in August, 2016 which was before the 90 days, telling her that I wanted my money back and knew that Optimal REO Solutions was a scam thanks to being on this group website and hearing from all of you that were dealing with the same people.  It definitely pays off to keep emails!!  Thanks to all of you on REO PRO Default Professionals!!  I hope others can get their money back as well !!!

Congrats on getting your money back!

By the way, REO Solutions is listed on this website REO Companies tab. I think it should be removed.  


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