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Where are all of the BPO orders? I'm dead. Hardly anything.

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Anybody there? Is this board still active??

Hey Matt,

I am seeing the same thing. I do a lot of commercial bpos and this is the first time in 4 years that I have got 2 this month and then nothing on all of the AMCs I am currently working with. I called all the AMCs to see if I was still active and they said things are slowing down too.

This is what I am doing now. I got a list of the registered AMCs (149) in my state and I have started a effort to find AMCs who look good to work for despite the main ones. Also, defaults are rising pretty good so I think we may be at the inflection point, at least in my state, for another recession. I drive and door knock about 25 a week and make appointments for short sales.

It really drags though because I use the BPO income for recurring expenses.

Nope. Jesse is not keeping it going. If we got the weekly email summaries, people would probably start to participate again. I've asked him to start them again.

yes he should. I would really like to know it going on. I am getting enough inspections and BPOs to survive but my REOS are in the toilet. Most of them way overpriced and I have not heard from some of my regular clients in months.  I am considering doing more fair market and short sales, which I do anyway and I have my own brokerage so its not like I can't move on, however this has been my bread and butter for years and it is starting to become very costly for me. I am not selling these properties in a timely manner and I am wasting gas money and time inspecting them. I am also waiting much longer to get reimbursed for preservation and utilities. 

That's sad...I liked staying up to date with BPO news, not sure where else to go. is also a good place to go for info

super slow here in Hawaii also lately

I am noticing a big slow down in general with REOS and also BPOs. I am really getting worried about REOS. No one seems to know why. Anyone have any input? 

Does anyone have any facts as to why is this occurring now? I have the same issue, used to get orders daily now lucky to get a few a week.  

Is this the result of AVMs, policy changes, artificial intelligence, legislation or some other cause. Many agents with questions, but I don't find any concrete facts. 

This place will wake up in about 2-4 years. Prices will demand a correction, and the corresponding flow of defaults. I doubt it will be anything like the last turndown.


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