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I have had a few buddies told me about this company recently and wanted to find out if anyone here has signed up with them.  They claim to be a streamlined short sale company. 

Partner First Short Sale Program

If you have joined, how long has it been and what kind of results have you seen?

They let you register for free but then want to sell you a $399 certification, charge you $45/mo and then $30 to join referral databases.  This sounds as fishy as can be to me!

Kyle Whissel
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Class action suit.  More effective, if they claimed to only allow a few agents in each area, only to sign up 20+ in some areas, file charges for fraud against them.

Hey Mike,

I am a member of your company.  I wanted to let everyone know I actually did get one listing.  Sadly it was a tandem in a town where most people don't even know what that is.  It went to auction two days ago, there was just nothing I could do.  The worst was that it was only a short on the second.  Dang it!  Everyone who called thought it was a duplex and didn't want a tandem. Those who didn't want a duplex never called because that is what they thought it was.  Sadly, I didn't close the deal and haven't received any other leads, but your office did follow through on the listing. So way to go!

Are you talking about ME at Short Sale Specialist Network, or Partner First on this thread???

July of last year they were offering 100% money back they were saying in their emails to those not happy with their service.

Kyle: We had a number of Brokers at Home Buyers Marketing II sign up & pay all the fees. We even took the many hours to get certified in all of their categories. With no exception we have all left the program. No leads, no response, zero return on the investment.


This kind of stuff really pisses me off.  Unfortunately I called this one from the beginning over 18 months ago -  I've called them out in the public since the beginning. These guys make it hard for REAL companies to do business.  At one point they said they would only have a few agents in each zip code, only to sign up as many as 50+ agents in Los Angeles and some areas.  Someone SHOULD set up a class action suit. 

By my estimates, they got away with at least $5,000,000-$8,000,000 or more now. 

I could help coordinate a class action.  Seriously.  Between Myself, Jesse, SS Superstars and other partners, we could come up with 40,000+ active agents.  Heck, I've emailed the national database of over 1.2 Million agents.  It could be done. 

I talked to a VP at servicelink in June of 2010.  At that point, they were signing up agents left and right and setting up at all the conferences.  Partnerfirst BASED their reputation around their claimed partnership with ServiceLink.  At a party in Dallas this particular executive at servicelink quickly told me "Oh, we're not "locked in" with Partnerfirst or anything".  Should have shared it with others then, but I did warn many!!  While they were signing up and training inexperienced agents, we've been assigning short sale listings and weeding out 80% of them for nearly 4 years now!

Mike dont know if you have ever seen the article with DSNEWS that states they are locked in with Servicelink.


Also checkout


Another link to check out is the posts on Reo Pro related to this topic.


I have seen those.  I'll gladly provide the Execs from ServiceLink who told me they were NOT locked in with Partner First just a couple months after that was published to subpoena into court if anyone ever puts together a class action.  By my estimates, based on the number of agents partner first claims to have signed up and trained, and the amounts they charged, they defauded agents out of at least 5,000,000-10,000,000. 

ParnerFirst referenced that article in many places to manipulate agents into joining them.

Amazing.  They are still at it.  - I can't believe this is still going on with them!  I saw this today regarding PartnerFirst -


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