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I have had a few buddies told me about this company recently and wanted to find out if anyone here has signed up with them.  They claim to be a streamlined short sale company. 

Partner First Short Sale Program

If you have joined, how long has it been and what kind of results have you seen?

They let you register for free but then want to sell you a $399 certification, charge you $45/mo and then $30 to join referral databases.  This sounds as fishy as can be to me!

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This thread is over a year old, so I thought I would direct everyone to a more recent thread... Should anyone have any questions about leads, training, or listing opportunities please feel free to contact me directly at 1-877-363-7714 xt 813 - Jason


PartnerFirst Listing opportunities newer thread:
The problem is that there is no exclusivity. There are over 50 agents within 20 miles of me!


How about you answer this question. Since 2/2010 how many leads has your company sent out to your members that have completed and paid for your training? I am member and took your training and haven't heard a peep.  So I know a way to quiet all your critics. Answer my question and share some important information. What are you doing to help your members that are paying you hundreds of dollars?

Thanks in advance for answering the questions above.


What happened to Jason... LOL...

Mike - As always, if agents (or you) have questions or concerns, you are welcome to call me direct at 1-877-363-7714 xt 813. I'm ALWAYS open to discussing the benefits of the PartnerFirst Short Sale Network -- I don't tend to spend much time engaging in blog discussions, but feel free to call me direct ANYTIME!


Don't forget to register for our webinar tomorrow Sep 1st, 2011 at 11:00am PDT as we discuss the most recent HAFA revisions and their impact on short sales with our guest speaker from The US Department of The Treasury. 



How about answering these agents concerns in a public forum Jason...  By your own numbers, I believe you had 5,000+ agents at last count.  5,000 agents at $45/Month and $495 to start is over $5,000,000++. 


Other than some training, is EVERYONE offers and only the inexperienced and typically poorly performing agents actually need, what have you DELIVERED to justify this money.   What is the average agent getting to justify their $1,000+ investment.

Sooner or later, agents will realize that paying companies up-front fees in hopes of getting listings is like playing the lotto...we all know how well those odds are.

They will also realize that forums like this one can help them avoid the likes of Unity Asset Management, Evaluations Solutions, Absolute REO and Banker REO!

There are not too many lenders on board using PartnerFirst.  Infact, Chase will contact the agents direct on three-way with the realtor and seller online at no cost to the realtor to initiate a short sale.  I just settlled 2 Chase Short Sales where Chase initated the call with the homeowner online.  Just providing a service direct with the home owner, the lender and realtor.  There is no need for a Third Party like Partnerfirst obtain a fee.  What are you getting anyway most realtors have CDPE certifications or have knowlege regarding short sales.

Jason all of the REO and Short Sale Realtors are checking these boards before signing up with any company charging fees.  If you would answer the questions posed to you on the board it would help your cause in the way that you wouldnt appear as if you might be hiding something.

Jason all of the REO and Short Sale Realtors are checking these boards before signing up with any company charging fees.  If you would answer the questions posed to you on the board it would help your cause in the way that you wouldnt appear as if you might be hiding something.

Joined and the leads came through early this year. Their porgram is working and in full force. I even hear more servicers are joining in.

Partner First is blasted for their deception on just about every real estate forum I have read.  Ramez  appears to be the only one, of the hundreds of victims who were robbed of their membership/subscription fee, who professes to have received work from them.  That probably explains why others received nothing because Ramez received them all.  I don't buy it for one second.


My post is a plea to any one who can assist the agents, including myself. who have been robbed/scammed by Partner First, by pointing us in the right direction to file complaints  with the appropriate regulatory agencies.  I smelled a scam a little too late after paying the exorbitant membership fee and about 3 months of the $45.00 rip off monthly fee.  I realized this after noticing that their empty promise of "exclusive zip codes to only 4-5 agents", when I checked their website to find that each zip code had at least 30 or more agents, while no contacts were ever received by me from homeowners to be interviewed in order to initiate a short sale process.  It was and continues to be all lies.  I was able to stop the $45.00 monthly deception fee, but still waiting for a refund of the initial "membership fee".  They operate like a ponzi scheme.

I remember reading on another site a couple of months ago that the company was started by person(s) who had lost their real estate licenses but do not know whether or not this is true.


They operate by pure deception and unjust enrichment at the expense of trusting real estate agents.


We need to stop complaining to each other by posting our gripes and  losses here and other forums and set the wheels in motion to report them to state or federal authoriries.  Where do we start?  Can someone knowledeable on filing claims to the correct jurisdiction assist us here?  


Jason Crawford can do us all a favor and refund all the unearned fees they gouged us with.   I truly don't know what reflection he fantasizes when he looks himself in the mirror on a daily basis.


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