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I got notice from partnerfirst about paying their fees and signing up with them to be able to get part of the flow from servicelink. I have missed that news seems like they are talking about short sale leads, I have also been give a recommendation from Wells Fargo PAS to sign up with Servicelink.Does anyone know if servicelink has a monthly fee etc. and any info, on partnerfirst would be helpful.

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I'm not sure about Servicelink and fees but don't understand why PAS would be asking agents to sign up with Servicelink when they had their agents sign up with ASPEN and pay Aspens yearly fee and $115.00 per listing received from Pas.
Servicelink is an asset management company and PAS is outsourcing some of there assets to the them. 
I am unaware of the monthly fee but I got the same thing from PAS too.   They are now sending all of their BPO work out except for BPOs on REO that you have.  Add this change to the iaspen use which charges you $115 for each REO you receive from PAS and the cost of doing business is going up


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