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Partnerfirst? Anyone seeing positive results from their premium membership?

Ok, so i've been signed up with them for a year now I think. Last December they had a Webinar and they stated that they are ironing out a few things with servicers and come January/February - their process will go full gear - haven't seen a thing.

Any thoughts on whether it's worth proceeding with them? Anyone hear anything good/bad about them or about timelines from them?


Any feedback is much appreciated.



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Just a quick point of info.  The National Mortgage Servicing Conference and Expo is in a few weeks in Texas.  One would think that all of these types of organizations would be setting up as exhibitors, or even attending this HUGE conference to get the attention of lenders and servicers if they were REALLY trying to work with defaulting assets.  You see most all of these types of organizations at the REO Expos taking agents money left and right...



2.) Depot Point

3.) PartnerFirst

4.) Servicelink

5.) Foreclosure Response Team


While all are very quick to collect agent fees and promise the world, NONE are exhibitors at perhaps the most important servicing conference of the year.  Heck, one person from service link was the only one on the attendee list so far from the above organizations. Thats OK with me, more of an opportunity to put The Short Sale Specialist Network on the map!


And another side note, last August at an REO conference I met with an exec of one of the above organizations (known in the REO industry) at a dinner party, and he was VERY quick to say that they are NOT locked in with another organization which claimed that they had "partnered first" with them. 


By simple estimates from their own numbers, they have now collected 5-7 million or more from agents, and I have yet to find anyone claiming to get anything from them in ANY forum on the net, and I get around!



Regarding Partnerfirst's lead program...I believe that will be addressed on the webinar this Thursday 2/17/11. I did speak with Mark Comer the president of Partnerfirst last month and based the feedback I received we should start seeing leads very shortly. I know there were a few unexpected obstacles that came up which delayed the process. The system is in place, and I am confident it wont be much longer,





Signed up with them, receive e-mails, but not exactly sure how they function.

I have received a lead from Partnerfirst and I have a listing appointment set up. The lead program has started!!



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Just met with Service Link today at the Mortgage Servicing Conference and they say that they just finally starting assigning through them a couple weeks ago.  I actually come on here to mention it.
I signed up with PartnerFirst maybe 2 years ago.. at the request of ServiceLink.  We are a top producer for ServiceLink in the REO space ( We were one of the first to sign up, get the designation and have received nothing from any of the servicers that we earmarked the 7 zip codes.  What's the story with PartnerFirst? We've spent a ton of money on empty promises?  I wonder how many agents are actually getting assignments from PartnerFirst vs the # of agents that are paying these monthly fees.  I was told a long time ago that ServiceLink was setting up a call center in SoCal to handle outreach to distressed homeowners and they would point homeowners to their top agents.  Is that true?  I realize it has taken time to shore up the short sale process with technology but are most agents chasing pipedreams at $45/mo? Just curious...

Average agent after training and one year waiting for NOTHING from them has paid out over $1,000.  They make it difficult for GOOD, ethical and legitimate companies to actually do business.  We have to do things like a guaranteed listings program and get REAL testimonials because of the many companies like this over the last few years.


Recieved a lead from them in March actually - just to update my initial post. The program came through and i think they are adding more servicers based on the news they've been sending. Turned out to be worth it

I signed up with partnerfirst 4 months ago. I pay the monthly fee. I completed the training and I haven't heard a peep. I actually called them to ask to just pay for the rest of the year and noone has returned my phone call. I was also recommended by servicelink to sign up. What is the deal?


Have to agree with you Mike.  I took the course etc and got empty promises.  One thing I would share with anyone that works for Serviicelink...they require you to carry E&O...which we all carry...but be sure you also carry Personal Business Liabiity.  If you want to know why email me


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