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Partnerfirst? Anyone seeing positive results from their premium membership?

Ok, so i've been signed up with them for a year now I think. Last December they had a Webinar and they stated that they are ironing out a few things with servicers and come January/February - their process will go full gear - haven't seen a thing.

Any thoughts on whether it's worth proceeding with them? Anyone hear anything good/bad about them or about timelines from them?


Any feedback is much appreciated.



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I can't believe this is still going on with them!  I saw this today regarding PartnerFirst -

I have been certified by them for years too.  Promises and they still are asking for more agents.  Experience is the best teacher.  If I was an agent and I was working with them...make sure you have business liabiity insurance in addition to your E&O.  When they fall on their face with their clients they suck all the information they can get out of you and then when they do not want to defend they "use" you to avoid spending any money.  For those of you that have been around for years and knew Kelly...she must be rolling in her grave.   My best advice to working that account is "be careful".  I will bet you will have to upload your E&O but not your business liablity.  Many agents do not carry this ....all I can say is I am very thankful that I have carried it. 

Are you referring to PartnerFirst Donna or ServiceLink?

They are all one in the same.  Kanas is handling the shortsales, Colorado and Pa...not sure.  Pa we still get companies using the title services...not bad if you stay on top of them.  Pa also has some BPO people...used to do lots for them...but got tired of chasing my tail to get my money.    I am just putting the warning out because if you are going to work for them you best carry personal business liablity and E&O. 

We've been doing REO assignments for ServiceLink for almost 4 years. Their REO division is awesome. So many great people there that appreciate hard work. We've enjoyed working on their REO assignments in our area.

However, we got an email from them in April or May of 2010 asking us to join PartnerFirst saying that they would be assigning Short Sales to their REO agents through this portal. We spent like $300 on the certification and another $44/mo for 18 or so months with no assignments. Total waste of money. We cancelled our membership a couple months ago.

If you go the link above and follow the link in the article you can drill down to this page:

It looks like they've engineered their PartnerFirst website to piggyback this website where they are soliciting agents to join. Not sure where this is going but when I've emailed agents from other parts of the country from the PartnerFirst database, I never found agents getting business from them.

Not sure where this is going.. but PartnerFirst is using ServiceLinks logos on their website. It make you think ServiceLink is the one generating this information but it is PartnerFirst.

If you are working with them on REO...same warning...make sure you are carrying personal liabiity insurance in addition to your E&O.  I sold tons of properties for them too...but I have one that was sold in 2009 that has just come back to haunt me.  Issue did not happen on my watch...but they did not take care of the issue at hand and it has ended up back on my plate! could be next!

Donna, can you share more information? I'm also a SL REO agent, would be great to learn what are the issues that may came back

Thanks this is interesting that they seem to be service link, it says its now 8.00 a month.

They are Servicelink...they operate this function out of Kanas ...Mytinger, James  is one of the people in charge.  Good luck make sure you have a personal business liability policy... 

I'll try to get ahold of someone at ServiceLink since we do much REO business with them to see how legit this solicitation is. As I said earlier, ServiceLink originally asked it's better REO agents to join PartnerFirst as they were working on a top down Short Sale referral system. This was a couple years ago and $1000 dollars in certification and monthly fees to join Partner First. Assignments never came. And we dropped out. I'll report back anything I find out.

HA!! Proved my theory.  They were in on it all along!!! 

Now that they've pocketed MILLIONS.....


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