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They are requesting a $399 sign-up fee plus take a class for approval.  They have partnered with ServiceLink.  Any thoughts on these guys?  Has anyone had any experience with them? 


It looks like they are managing Citi assets and maybe others.


- Shawneequa

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I registered with them and got approved, but I decided not to move forward to the 2nd step because of the $399 fee and I haven't heard from any agents that this was a benefit to them. After I registered and got approved, I started getting calls from them and have been getting emails to take the certification and then pay and upgrade to 7 zip codes. Not sure about this one
I've had the same experience as Michelle. I kept getting recorded phone calls from them until I just put their number on call block on my Blackberry. I was not informed by them upfront about the sign-up fee and am pretty much done with paying to be on any of these websites except
I had the same experience. I'm done with giving away my money. They have been calling and emailing me almost every week.
There are SO many schemes around. As an agent myself, at one point I had poured alot into several different things unfortunately. None delivered. You'll only find good stuff about us around. We actually refer on a 25% referral fee, THAT is how we make money. It was only a few months ago that we started charging ANY membership fee at all. That minimal annual membership was only to provide better resources for our agents.
Why would Servicelink partner with a company that was not legit. My REO assets come from Servicelink both on their website and Equator. I called and talked to Servicelink about it they said it was legit. ????
Than it must be legit I suppose. I was just pointing out the fact that I have yet to find ONE agent that has acknowledged receiving ANY referrals or assignments from them. I'm pretty active and get around online, and I have seen them advertising all over, but I have not seen anyone talking about how good they are.

I'd love to see agents praising them, but they are nowhere to be found!
Time will tell I guess. Just curious myself.
But with all of the active agents in the short sale and REO industry on THIS site, you would think SOMEBODY had received something from them. I mean, I don't have all that big of an organization, and on my first post, first day on this site there was an agent or two who gave testimonials about The Short Sale Specialist Network who had experience working with us...

I registered with them and got approved, and moved forward to the 2nd step. After I registered and got approved, I started getting calls from them and have been getting emails to take the certification and then pay and upgrade to 7 zip codes. So now I am a "premium" agent. The training was exceptional with Jacob Swodek but still waiting for the next step....Bring it baby!
Mark, just curious...have you gotten any referrals from this company??? Thanks.
So from May until now did you get any return on your time and money?
I'm skeptical about this program. I signed up with Servicelink's Vision Sale program last year and it didn't result in short sale listings. This looks like they are doing the same thing just with another vendor.


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