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They are requesting a $399 sign-up fee plus take a class for approval.  They have partnered with ServiceLink.  Any thoughts on these guys?  Has anyone had any experience with them? 


It looks like they are managing Citi assets and maybe others.


- Shawneequa

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Shawneequa, I have worked with PartnerFirst since January of this year - but not paying the $399!  Back in November there was a special of some sort to joing for $99, so I gave it a try.  I've received several "orders" in the Houston area - you know, the 3x door knock and attempt to have the owner contact the bank. However, of the 6 orders received, 4 were for properties that were already in  loan mod AND up-to-date!  It could be that one of these doorknocks will work out at some point, and I already do the same thing successfully for Propertyware (which actually PAYS for the doorknocks), so I  plan to let it ride out and see what happens. Good luck.

I called them as a scam from the beginning.  You guys should be so gullible.  Here is a post from over three years ago, where I debate with one of the owners and quickly poke VERY big holes in their program -


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