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Has anyone signed up with them to get Short Sale Referrals? Did you take the course to get certified for $399? Please let me know your thoughts...always careful on where my money goes to and if it will produce results.


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i am thinking to sign up with them. Seems like leads will come in
Yet to hear one person anywhere attest to getting anything from them... Use caution...
Save your money.
There is another discussion(s) on this forum and other real-estate related ones.  They are con artists and scammers.  Your money would be better spent on self-promotions.

I inquired about them a month or so, but I got more creative and called the

R.E Agents on there website and asked the Agents their Experience with them.

I suggest before spending any money with any  of these companies call the Agents.

I agree.  Contact the agents and ask around!  Always be skeptical.  These last few years we have seen an unbelievable amount of scam short sale companies pop up - National Short Sale Center, PartnerFirst, NassPro, Depot Point, Program 3648 (still around unfortunately) to name a few off the top of my head.  Forums like this are an awesome way to find out who is good and who is NOT!  I hate to say it, but I spotted and called out Partner First since day one.

50+ Agent testimonials WITH contact
info for them don't lie!

The guy from PartnerFirst used to come on the forums defending himself, but it seems they are finally winding down and can't back up their claims anymore!  Here is a question on this forum that was poised to them that was never answered by them, I think it says alot, and SHOULD be followed up with a class action lawsuit and fraud charges to them -


If they claimed to only allow 4-5 agents per zip code, then sign up 20+ in some areas, they deserve to go to jail for fraud.  Lets see if they come defend that on here...


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