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I am sure that this issue has been discussed previously but I am unable to locate it when conducting a search in this forum


I am seeking to get some input as to what a fair (per order) payment would be for a licensed agent who conducts MLS  for comps and completes the BPO order.


I also have to pay a photographer to take photos.


I would greatly appreciate any feedback any of you might have in this regard.


Thank you

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Lynetta, most bpo companies require you to take the photos personally and complete the order.


I pull the comps, forward them to my VA for the data entry then I put the finishing touches on it (neighborhood comments, condition info, etc... that my VA can't complete). 

Hi Curtis,

Thank you kindly for your feedback.

Hey Curtis, If you don't mind me asking you, How did you find your VA? Did you use a particular company and how much does it cost you?

Sure, I use team double click. They specialize in Real Estate VA's. I highly recommend them. I've been using my VA for over two years. She's amazing. She should be running a Fortune 500 Company she's so organized. Maybe I just got lucky, but I can't imagine doing business without her.

There are photographers or people looking for gas money who will do it for a fee. As for comps since you receive only 50 bucks or less there is hardly any margin left.

I have also seen ads from India they can pull MLS from commercial RE sites and ask you to review and write the conclusion & will upload images.  Not sure it is legit.  

I also have seen RE assistant who pulls the data and take photos.They are under supervision of their broker doing it for additional income. You need to review the application see what the agreement is.  To get steady work one almost has to stay on top of everything. Some top bpo agents get lots of work, they work FT and turn around in a few hours. The ones let it slide get termimated quickly for sloppy or slow work.



PM me and I can help you out greatly.  :-)

I complete approx. 200 BPO's / month currently, for multiple servicers (AHMSI, Secured, CoreLogic, AltiSource, etc).  To do this kind of volume, and to still be able to procure REO listings/sales, Short Sale listings/sales, and run an office - it takes a team.  Our team setup is second-to-none; data entry person, licensed agent for comp pulls & neighborhood stats/comments, and a team of BPO photo takers (very experienced staff/group; have done over 10,000 BPO's w/us over the past several years dating back to 2006). 


The way to success with BPO's, as with any other item of this default servicing, is volume, consistency, and accuracy.  The way we achieve all of those is by accountability, team work, and continuing to grow ourselves w/education & certifications as they are available.


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