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I am ready to get a paying membership , but undecided if should I join RESNET, Equator, VRM ,Lamco, any other ?

Any suggestions  REO agents or Asset Managers?

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I was with equator,Lamco, res net for few years. Recently joined VRM ( 6 months) ago. No thing happened. I do not know how many of you have gotten from the above. Now my lamco membership has expired and they are contacting me almost every other day. So I gave up on all the above.

I have had the same conclusion, not to pay for any of these services. I receive all of my assignments from the organizations that do not ask for a fee.

I have paid for Equator, but only because my asset managers use the zip codes on Equator when assigning properties.  For example, if I have done business with a company and then let my Equator expire, the next time an asset in my area came up, if my zip code wasn't paid for, I wouldn't get the assignment because they wouldn't know that was an area I work in.  I have never gotten any business from Equator that I didn't get myself through personal contact, so if you do it to take a chance to "get picked", I'd say, forget it.  It's a waste of money.  I have been tempted to pay for RES NET because I have friends who are getting lots of business from it, but after reading Zubaria's reply, I still have reservations.  We can be nickled and dimed to death by these organizations!


So Nick, how did you find the organizations that you are refering to?


I just applied to as many BPO & REO organizations as I could find, and the funny thing was that I only received BPO and later REO from organizations that did not ask for a fee; however, I did have to sign up with Resnet and Equator for some of the assignments.

I too am getting ready to pay for a membership and I've heard really good things about Resnet.
Oh....and if you familar with short sales and actively work the short sale market in your area, then I would suggest This network actually provide short sale leads (good leads).
Thanks for the props Vanessa! unless you are with fannie.
What's fannie got to do with it?
Most Fannie Fannie outsourcers only use equator, and Fannie Direct is still using multiforms and efanniemae.
Resnet has been great. I've been with them 1 1/2 years and average 20 BPO's monthly and received 6 REO assignments last year.

how do u contact them



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