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I am ready to get a paying membership , but undecided if should I join RESNET, Equator, VRM ,Lamco, any other ?

Any suggestions  REO agents or Asset Managers?

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Replies to This Discussion Pay for the premium membership and enter zip codes you service. Promote yourself as best you can and if there's a company looking for an agent, they'll choose you.

Hi Brent:

Which membership you have?


I have the premium membership. Good outsourcing companies.
Resnet and equator are platforms, they don't give you business, but some asset companies would go there to find new agents and most asset companies use one or the other. I have paid in the past for some companies that only got my money and promised me business, but I am not doing that anymore. I pay for resnet and equator because my clients use those platforms, but that is where it ends.

SEND ME THE LINKS so i can acess them for   * RI and MASS

please Larry

Relationships are earned not bought.  I belong to RES.NET - bought into AMP...nothing more or less.  Equator...went from many zips to less...nothing changed.  Took the Equator course...nothing more nothing less.  Did not spring for LAMCO...I belong to NRBA and Open Door...I feel they are the leaders. 

Donna, did you buy into the "Professional" level AMP product? If so, was it worth the additional expense vs. the "Premium" membership?

I did but I am not renewing.  NRBA has RIO and it is free and far superior in tracking and paying on your properties.  What makes me crazy on RES.NET is if there is a mistake on your are stuck with it.  I had some properties that had title issues...we could not close and they are still tasking me.  I asked the asset manager to help....she could not help...and I contacted luck.  Finally I just made up a sheet and submitted it to get rid of the task. 
I have check NRBA  but if I don't have a track with at least 3 REO's they won't accept me plus I have also heard that they take months to accept you . But thanks any away for the info any information is always helpful.
I couldn't agree more Donna. Work your butt of and you'll earn a great reputation with AM's.

I am also ready and happy I read this thread. Thanks :)

I have the basic membership and get a ton of BPO orders but never any REOs.  I think some of the companies only assign BPOs and I am going to stop working for them - maybe it is worth paying for premium to get the REOs.  I just hope you don't have to accept every BPO from companies that don't have REOs, in order to get the REO's from the asset managers that do have them.  Hope that made sense.


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