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I am ready to get a paying membership , but undecided if should I join RESNET, Equator, VRM ,Lamco, any other ?

Any suggestions  REO agents or Asset Managers?

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Does anyone have any updated Promo or Referral Code for the Professional Verson??

I paid for top membership of and got 3 listings and several BPOs that lead to some listings..........never got anything when I purchased lowest level.  Guess it works or depends on the area you service.....

In reading through some of the responces I saw the one from Fulton Gaylord and have to agree with what he's said but I would like to add that I once had an investor I sometimes worked with that found an REO unit about 4 hours from where I'm located. He found it himself online, and went alone to look at it. He tried for 3 weeks to contact the listing agent directly to make an offer but she never called back, even when he left voice messages that he wanted to write an offer. He even called her broker but he just said it's her listing and he'd have to contact her. Finally he called me and asked me to write up his offer. I did and I sent it by both email and fax with basically the same results. The brokerage wouldn't let anyone help me, would give me the listing agent's cell or home phone. She wouldn't return any of my calls or emails.

After about a week I contacted the asset management company and got the asset manager's name and direct number. I called her asking if our offer was ever submitted and the asset manager got very nasty with me. She said I was only complaining about the listing agent because I wanted her to give me the listing. I told her I had absolutely no desire to list a property 4 hours away and that she should be glad I called her because I had a cash buyer for a property of her's that had been on the market almost two years.

I sent the offer directly to the asset manager, negotiated directly with her and basically got it done without the listing agent. I was glad to get the sale done for my investor, and I made a decent co-op commission, but I was very put off by the asset manager's nasty, negative attitude. 


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