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"Platinum Marketing Services"anyone has good information about????

Hi Guys, anyone has something about this company??? they've been been receiving registrations from agents (per their information?) They claiming having REOs in all states.


Advice and any information will be helpfull.

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Looks like there has not been any feedback on this company.  I signed up with them in October 2011 and paid the $79 fee.  I got a call from them today for a listing assignment.  I guess I be the guinea pig on this one, unless someone out there has worked with them and can provide some feedback.

I paid last year too. Please keep the group updated on your experiences with this company.

I had an REO last year was not signed up with them. I have not paid the registration.  they use and good to work with Hope this help.


Update on my listing from them.  After several months of maintaining the property it was sold in a bulk sale.  Never put it on the market, but their reimbursements were timely, 30 days and very responsive by email.  One of my reimbursement checks got lost in the mail and they took care of getting a new check out to me.

Aloha Justine,

This is Nick Smith from the Big Island of Hawaii, good to meet you.  I recently signed up with Platinum REO.  Called US Bank who told me Platinum is their outsourcer of choice.  Haven't had much luck getting through to their REO Vendor Manager, just the typical auto response.  Would you have a phone number or better point of contact I might be able to reach them through?  Appreciate any direction you can give me.


-Nick Smith

Hello to All,

Just received first assignment from Working on CFK now. The company is absolutely legit. and I am moving forward with my listing. They will call you first asking if you are going to accept the REO assignment. Hope this help.


Anyone know if they have properties in North Texas? I looked at their foreclosure listings and they did not show any at all in Texas.

I have sold many listings with them. They are legit and great to work with.

Aloha Jesse,

This is Nick on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Do you have any contact information for Platinum Marketing Services you would be willing to share?  I'm signed up with their company but can't get past the "auto response", see my post above.  Appreciate your help on this.

Mahalo - Nick Smith

hi guys, I signed up a year ago and paid the fee with platreo and haven't received any listings. does anyone have a contact number they can provide???


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