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Hello Everyone,

I have been signed up with PMH financial since 2010 but I have not been assigned any listings or Bpos. Can some of you share your success with this company?

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Hi Charlenia,


Did you listen to the BlogTalkRadio show with the President and CEO of PMH that I had this Firday? If not, you might want to, he addresses your question.

Very good company to work with, you have to wait your turn, I did for almost 3 years and then boom!

Wow what type of business do you get from them now?

I've had wonderful success with the company. It helped me to meet them in person at the conferences.

I have been signed up for years with nothing also.  Did you just get the email that they are now requiring all their Brokers to sign up with resnet and get the "platinum" package?  I suspect they are in cahoots. 

I just got the same email and I have not received any REO business from the company either. I am trying to determine if it is worth the investment.

HI, I get B of A from them and just two weeks back receied my first Chase. Good folks, I like them very much.

Have they now required you to sign up for the Professional RESNET package?  I sincerely want to go back to the days where you got an assignment first and you got a complimentary subscription to the platform the asset management company has chosen to use. 

Hi Frank

How long have you been signed up with them?

I too have been signed up with them for 2 years with nothing.  I attended their classes at the last REO convention and still nothing.  I received the same email and I had paid for the Platinum previously, but let it expire.  Trying to decide if it is worth it. Any thoughts?

I've been with them since 2010. They were very good to me. They lost their Fannie account, and so we'll see where this road takes us. I still get bac from them.

Hello Charlenia - My name was given to PMH by Chase.  They contacted me on 5/16 to complete an application.  I completed it the same day and was approved on 5/17.  I signed up for the RES.NET for the free 30 days and I received a listing on 6/1.  I was beyond shocked.  I was debating if I even wanted to spend the $700 for the required professional membership and then I received the listing.  Of course I joined as a full member a few days later.  lol

They have been awesome to work with so far.  I will say that all of the companies that Chase outsource to have contacted me and have added me to their active list not their wait list.  I'm in the MD area and maybe there is a greater need in this area to add more agents to their active roster.

Just my $.02


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