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Hello Everyone,

I have been signed up with PMH financial since 2010 but I have not been assigned any listings or Bpos. Can some of you share your success with this company?

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Wow Tracey that is Great!!!

I have the $700 membership with for 8 months now and I just got my first listing this week.  I hope I have the same success you have soon.  I didn't get a BOA or Chase Listing but I am very very appreciative for the company who gave me the listing.

That's great news Charlenia.  I know you were as happy as I was when you received.  $1 is better than no dollar in my book!  Much success to you :)

Lol, Yes Tracey you are so right.  I will keep at it until I can be like some of the other hardworking REO agents on this site.

Let us know if there are RESNET Professional features that you do not use.  There are a lot of extra features that I am assuming PMH will be using since they are requiring it but I did not see the purpose of some of them. 

Was this after calling the 800# for an interview or did this begin from a different method?

Kyle, for Chase REO I emailed and then they had someone call me for a telephone interview. I closed several short sales with Chase and used this on my email to them. After that telephone interview I received emails almost daily from the Asset Mgmt companies they used.  I'm hoping I'll have the same luck with Bank of America since I have closed several short sales with them as well.

What area are you in?

Approved by PMH. Nothing happens since then.

Lane - How long have you been approved by PMH?  What area are you in?

I am in Minneapolis, MN. I have been approved since last year.


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