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Has anyone had any experience with this company? I have provided about 10-15 free BPO's for USRES and have not received any REO's. They claim they will provide REO business if you do their BPO's. Many of the BPO's I am doing are properties that are in foreclosure and vacant. Eventually they will be foreclosed upon. Am I just being inpatient or will my work eventually pay-off. My name is on every BPO. Also, I am signed up with other BPO companies like clearcapital who only gives you 5 minutes to respond before they send the order to someone else. I have a couple of companies like this and it is very frustrating. I got an iphone for this purpose.

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I've done about 3 Free BPOs for USRES and haven't received any REO listings yet. I was wondering the same thing. I was signed up with USRES for about a year before they asked me to do any BPOs.
I receive REO listings through RES.NET (which is the REO Platform for USRES). Make sure that you are registered with RES.NET. You need to make sure you ask the companies, that you are completed BPOs for, what their REO Management Platform is. Here are some platforms I know of. If anyone else knows of others, please let us all know.

Dispo Solutions
RealTrans (Ocwen)
I used to work with USRES. When I first started I had 6 properties that where brought over from another REO company. (first REO company lost the properties to USRES, but they kept me on as the listing agent.) They would occasionally send me a BPO that stated since agent was eligible for listings there would be no fee paid. Then I got a few more listings that were mostly favors, as they were distant properties. So, I was given 9 listings in a 12 month period with maybe 8 or 9 BPO's. Then nothing but an occasional BPO request that was pretty far out. One came in that was just outside our MLS area. I called and told them that I would do it as a favor...but, I hadn't received a listing in over a year. What's up. I was then told that their policy is 10 to 12 BPO's for every 1 listing. And, I had had 9 listings with only 8 or 9 BPO's. I had to remind them that 6 of those listings came with me. So they sent me a listing. But now you have go to RESNET and pay an annual fee. Anyway, that's the way it was over a year ago . I have other REO business so I opted not to pay a fee for which I may or may not receive any listings.
I was not aware you had to pay a fee on Resenet. I have never paid.
I have never done BPO for them but I have heard the same from others. I would not do free BPO at all. I will do free BPO if it is my listing. No freebies.
I had completed more than ten BPOs and never received a listings, So I stopped doing BPOs for them, however, I am with because other companies use the platform that have REO listings. There are few other companies that do not pay for BPOs and I will give most a chance, but they only get a few if I don't see a listing or someone else in the area is assigned the property - the honeymoon is over!

Have very good day
Whch companies you have done free BPO for? I'm interesting in trying those companies to see if I can get some listings.


Claudio Leiter
Years ago I have done over 20 freebies for them, after that I had received a listing which I declined. Too far away, low commission. After that, I had stopping doing anything for them, until last year when I had registered again. I have done few freebies, and I had received a good listing. Since last summer I have done 10 or so freebies. On the REO side, their communication is very good, most of the times you can talk to your AM, and the e-mails are returned promptly everyone involved in the listing.

The bottom line is that they are giving listings. Is a matter of personal choice to do the free BPO's or not. Their form is simple and easy.

Clear Capital 5 minutes rule is a major improvement: until last year everything was 'blast'. If you are one of their top agents, you will have a shot pretty much at everything that is available in your area.
I've completed 10 BPO's for them within the last 30 days & recieved 2 listings from them. The BPO form they use is easy to complete, so I don't think it's a big deal. I have also received 3 other listings from other asset mgmt companies since joining resnet withn the last 90 days.
Did you pay a fee to joint Resenet?
No. Just sign up. I am a member of resnet.

How could you have signed up with RES.NET without paying the fee? The system required it when I paid it last year. It has been more than 9 months now and I got nothing from them.


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