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Has anyone had any experience with this company? I have provided about 10-15 free BPO's for USRES and have not received any REO's. They claim they will provide REO business if you do their BPO's. Many of the BPO's I am doing are properties that are in foreclosure and vacant. Eventually they will be foreclosed upon. Am I just being inpatient or will my work eventually pay-off. My name is on every BPO. Also, I am signed up with other BPO companies like clearcapital who only gives you 5 minutes to respond before they send the order to someone else. I have a couple of companies like this and it is very frustrating. I got an iphone for this purpose.

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Well I did sign up and pay for REOnetwork, that may have entitled me to resnet. I am not sure. I have forgotten because it has been a while ago.
Hi Ronnie
I do not think there is a link between and ReoNetwork
resnet & reonetwork are different entities. reonetwork is Clear Capitol. resnet is resnet (usres). There is a fee for resnet as there is for reotrans. I believe at one point you could sign up for resnet and get up to 5 zipcodes free or maybe it was reotrans but there is a fee for both and resnet offers membership levels with each costing more.
We were signed up with REOTrans for several months for a number of zip codes. I had read on here that they will only assign BPOs to agents who have their certification of up to $500 a year. We gave it a good try and canceled our zip codes last week. Probably a good thing to do. There appears to be plenty of asset companies that will pay you for BPOs and REOs. It takes time to work with these companies, but in a matter of months, less than a year for us, you will find your list of providers to grow. It is a matter of patience and perseverance.

Good Luck!

Do you find REOnetwork a good value, are you getting REO listings in your area?
I've been part of it for a good four months, and I've received nothing either. The company I was working with said it was required to keep me on, so I paid it, but now I'm regretting it. Is there some magic way to get BPO's and work out of them??
Yes I did, you can also get direct contacts from REO Intelligence.
Who are these companies?
I have been doing free BPO work for USRES and have received multiple listings some good some bad. But I Take what I can get!! It does add to my work load and make the days seem to go by slowly when i am not getting paid to do the work but if i dont someone else will and they will get the listings. The fees for their services were $250.00 per year for me. well worth it. I am also on most of the other web sites listed above one of the other big ones in our area is they do pay for their work but are very demanding and it took me a while to get listings. I was lucky to have a great mentor he has been selling REO properties for a long time and was able to give me a great referral at all of the different companies.As with any job or venture you get what you put into it and selling REO's is a lot of work, so be prepared to double your work load and get paid less.
I did two BPO's for USRES. I was wondering the same thing. Do they actully have REO Business to give out?
If I hear anything I wioll let you know.
Yes, I believe they do. The BPO division gave me the vendor managers number, he is the one that oversees REO's. But when I tried to call, the switchboard told me it was better to email him.
most of the assett managers want to be contacted by e-mail at this company, unless there is a problem with a BPO. Then you can contact byphone, but i always seem to get voice mail and have to wait for a return call. They do have the business to give out keep completing any orders they give you, the more that they see your name on complete orders they more likely they are to give you more work.


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