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Has anyone had any experience with this company? I have provided about 10-15 free BPO's for USRES and have not received any REO's. They claim they will provide REO business if you do their BPO's. Many of the BPO's I am doing are properties that are in foreclosure and vacant. Eventually they will be foreclosed upon. Am I just being inpatient or will my work eventually pay-off. My name is on every BPO. Also, I am signed up with other BPO companies like clearcapital who only gives you 5 minutes to respond before they send the order to someone else. I have a couple of companies like this and it is very frustrating. I got an iphone for this purpose.

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USRES does have a policy that you have to do between 5-10 free bpos in order to get a listing.
When you have done 15 without an REO referral, then ask for a listing. They reward patience, persistence, an good work, but sometimes you have to ask. The more you do and the better the job, the more listings you will get.
I just tried to sign up with USRES tonight and could not do so without paying an annual fee. Is that correct? I had read a post here from someone that had never paid a fee.
USRES owns - To sign for BPO's only is no fee, since you will sign on the USRES website, however when you will receive a listing, you will be asked to sign on and pay the yearly fee of $250; which is their reo platform used by them and other companies to manage their reo transactions: offer counter-offer, expenses, listing tasks, etc.

REOnetwork is owned by Clear Capital - which is BPO mill and you will get BPO's from them. Some people are saying that being a premium member there, brought them listings from Asset Management companies. Having your name there, you might get BPO's from other companies - at least I have been called few times in the past years. Premium mebmership is costly, while general membership is free. is another REO transaction platform used by Asset Managemenet companies, and you will pay $ 0.90 per ZIP, if you want to market yourself that way, with primary ZIP being free.
I have done free BPO's for USRES for several years and have received REO listings from them. Not sure how many BPO's they expect you to do before assigning the listings. Seems like when they start giving you the listings they give you several at a time. They are good about listening to the agents about the current market values when pricing the properties. You need to be registered through
Hi, I would recommend that you definately do the BPO's; especially if you are trying to get in the door with them. USRES will usually give you an REO via Res.Net once you perform 10-15 BPO's. If you think the the number of BPO's we do for $50.00 with no future possibilities of ever getting an REO from that company you will see that the $750.00 (15x$50) in lost revenues from the "free" BPO's is nothing in comparison to the commission from the REO listing. Just remember you need to do a good job at that "free" BPO; that is how you get REO listings. I have had great success with the BPO-to-REO ratio from USRES and am glad to do the "free" BPO's.
I have been doing free BPO'S for USRES for about 8 years now and my advise to you with this company is to be patient.They have always done what they told me they would do.

I did over 150 BPO'S before I got my first listing, It took 10 months.I did these because I had met their management and I trusted them.

My numbers are average 12 free BPO'S per month,7 listings per month,Currently 26 active listings on RES.NET.20 with USRES

If you would like to know my experence with other site give me a call
Bob, that is great! I have been signed up with them for over a year and have no business. Can you give me some insight on someone I might be able to contact directly to try and change my business with them? You can email me directly at

Thank you!
I have been doing free BPO'S for USRES for about 10 months and got 2 listings about 4 months ago and have not hear from them since. I keep doing BPO when they are send to me which is abou 1/month.

I don't know what else to do to get more listings from them. All the other companies just want to take your money and you don't here from them again. Example: AMS4REO and REO Trans.

How do you do it? I will like to know your experience with other sites.
The numbers do not add up. If you do 12 free BPO per month you should be getting 1 listing per month. I have done 40 BPO and only received 2 listings.
I have been approved with USRES for over a year and have never received a BPO request. Does anyone have a contact I could follow up with directly to determine why I have not business?

Actually, we have been with USRES since August and hadn't gotten any BPO requests until about a 2 weeks ago. I simply sent an email via the Contact Us feature and explained that I had been with them for a while but hadn't received any BPO's, so was there anything we could do? I got a response from Nick that said "I have taken your name down and have passed it along to our VP of Vendor Management, Garrett Mays, who handles all REO’s and BPO’s that are assigned to agents. This will let him know that you are ready and willing to work. Within a few business days we had our first request and recently got a second one... good luck!


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