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Anyone hear of this company?  Looking for me to place an electronic signature online....not feeling good about it... any thoughts?

Anyone work with this company?

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I have used it on and off for smaller REO clients and an outsourcer that handles equity fund properties.  I can't advise you on the e-signature but it is a legit platform, but certainly not my favorite.

I got an assignment from Selene to use the Pyramid platform.  I don't like the platform itself either but more are requiring an electronic signature.  InspectionPort does and I just did one using my MOUSE!  I don't remember who that was for but that was weird and definitely LOOKS terrible.

I accepted 2 new listings from Selene  and now I am very concerned. I noticed on the Pyramid Platform that invoices I submitted back in June do not even show "approved" status.  I have now paid for rekey, landscaping, cleaning for both properties.  I sent an inquiry asking why they had not been reviewed. Asset Manager sent me an email just now saying there is a delay in payments.   I now have already spent over $1000 on these properties and I am wondering , if they haven't even reviewed them and approved them, when will I ever get paid? Does anyone have any experience with Selene?

I have three invoices that are over a month old with a pending status.  I also sent an email to the accounting department last week with no response. 

I got paid by Selene for a rekey but they sent it to my company not me. I dont remember how long it took.

I will not pay for anything, stiffed once never again.  Let them front the money or have them set up a payment arrangement with the vendors doing the work.


Just closed a property with Pyramid Platform this week. Good communication throughout the whole process.

Selene has an awful reputation as a mortgage company, why should their REO arm be any better. 

Pyramid is only a platform that small companies use to due their reo business on. Typical their is a fee to be paid by the broker to use it at closing of the asset. I have sold assets for Selene, and always got paid for work done in the pass. Good Luck. 

I disagree with most of you.  I have 5 assignments through Pyramid from Selene.  They are all in pre-list and have been there a while, but all of my expenses have been reimbursed quickly.  I am unsure about you guys, but in my case...with all of the assignments, I am in control of the field services.  I like that.  Its old-school REO practices.  No Safeguard, no Cyprexx.  When I received one of my first assignments, I looked into the contacts and recognized one of the managers as being a old asset manager from Green River.  He and I sold several assets together including one that was over 1 mil and needed $130k in refurbs.  He and I worked well together then, and do now.  I don't see any red-flags here.  Unless I am missing something, I think you all are a little spooked.

Thanks!  I was feeling spooked about them wanting me to put my signature in the system for them and I don't know what they want to use it you know what it is used for in the pyramid platform?  I am trying to work with Selene on a few short sales right now.  So far, no one is budging!

I haven't been asked about the signature thing, so I don't know anything about that.  See if you can find the name Dan Shimon in the system and reach out to him with your question.  You can tell him that we spoke and I recommended you speak to him.


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