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Anybody signed up for the premier member status and if so how is it working for you?

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I looked into it, but I didnt sign up for it.

Please don't pay for nothing on portals that you don't have any business with....I have been paying for Equator for the last 4 years and nothing, nada, zero, and I am an REO agent.

When a client is gonna give you business they will look up for you, no doubt about it.

Ugh...can't stand BPOs on Quandis. They have to have one of the worst forms out there! If they want me to do BPOs on their system, they'll have to pay me in addition to their clients paying me ;).

Carrington property services(different from carrington mortgage) apparently swtiched over the the quandis platform.  I recieved a call last week telling me I need to upgrade to premier member status.  No thanks I will not pay for anything anymore.  Ive learned my lesson.  My best clients are the ones we dont pay for.

I did a BPO for SAM who now uses Quandis. I did not like the form. They used to be on RESNET which is much more user friendly.

I am in an ongoing fight with Quandis over auto accept software running, I requested clarification whether this was allowed and told no, I pointed out there was no way these orders are being manually accepted due to the speed and if it was true they were doing something about it why can i not accept an order anytime of the day no matter what.... It seems to be allowed on Quandis and I pay them for the "pro" so that has to be stopped today



We apologize for your frustration.  We have identified a number of agents that have tried to use this type software and have taken corrective measures.  


Don't pay unless you do a lot of BPOs. I had to pay it for a client and it only got me some extra BPO orders. BPOs in their system are a pain in the backside. Proceed with caution if you choose to pay it. Otherwise, keep the free accounts through each vendor.

I had signed up for the free part of it, but never went Premier. Never got anything out of it other than they kept sending me emails about the need to upgrade. Just a couple days ago going through my list of companies that I do orders for and still want to continue doing for I just dropped QVM. I still do the occasional order for SAM, but I go through their portal to complete the bpo. 

I did quite a few 2 years ago.i get notifications Never Never can I get the order. What do you need to do to get the order?


Peggy Ann Schaffran


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