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I just learned that when a buyer goes to and views my current listings and inquires for more information about a particular property and hits the inquire for more information button, that this inquiry does not come back to me as the listing agent, it goes to other agents that pay a fee to be a agent.  This does not sound fair to me and I was never informed about this and had to discover it on my owne. How do you feel about it?

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That is nothing new. Now that is finally advertising,  I may have to consider the pay plan again. I've always told buyers that call on long ago sold listings from various paid foreclosure sites that they need to set a price range and location,  then use to find properties that are still available.  I have personally ignored it as well as zillow, trulia, etc. 

It is a bunch of crap.  we pay them for the privilege of them giving our leads to other agents.  In order to get my own name on my listings it was $1800 per year because of the higher amount of listings I carry.  Totally absurd.

That is my feeling exactly.

Zillow operates the same. It's whomever pays their monthly fees for leads. 

also i remember when i was a KW the lead when to the broker not the agent

I recently bought some leads from - total waste of money.  I had to try it once.  Never again.

The leads they give are on backup contracts and buyers are not serious.

I bought leads from Zillow. Just cancelled my contract. I paid $200+ a month for almost a year and got all crappy leads. Like you said. Total waste of money. 

Leads you pay for are generally not 1) exclusive or 2) vetted in any way.  Remember that these potential buyers sign up everywhere.  By the time you get the lead, it's too old to do anything with.  Best to network and develop a farm and get your own leads.

i am paying Trulia now, 230 a month, got 2 listings $100k each, the other leads are no good, plan to cancel as soon as the contract end

If I had gotten even one sale, it would have paid for itself and would have been worth the investment, but after nearly a year and the leads are all flakes, forget it. I could have spent that money more wisely. Like Cece said, work my farm and it will payoff better. That's the old school way, but it has always worked for me. The only people getting rich are the people selling the leads, Zillow, and Trulia. 

I did discover that you can email or contact and tell them that you do not want to cooperate in their Broker Co-Op Program and they will leave your information on the listing but remove the email now for more information button so you do not lose this lead to another agent. It is total crap that does not make any Broker or Agent aware of this upfront when our properties get advertised. They should pay us to be able to advertise our listings.

Maybe I am confused, but I thought Realtor.ORG was the National Association of Realtors website, that we pay dues to be on.  I thought was just another site that wants Realtors to pay them to be on it.

I saw on a commercial that they were endorsed by the National Association of Realtors - which I think is ridiculous, they should not be affiliated in any way.  I am mistaken?


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