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Did anyone catch the Webinar? I was wondering if they mentioned what states that they work in. How did the process sound?

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I didn't catch it. Hopefully next week. I don't see anywhere on their site showing when the next one is and what time zone. I believe they are every Tuesday but want to make sure of the correct time. Anyone know what time zone?
Ok, i wasn't able to make the webinar but, let me shed some light on the question.

Realty Pilot is working on a "Activity Counter" by zip code. They are working very hard to honor REOPro agents by getting that out before Christmas.

I say honor REOPro agents because it was something I really pushed for Christian, Realty Pilot's CEO saw value in the "Activity Counter" concept and agreed to make it a priority.

In essence, you as an agent, deciding if you want to join the REOPro / Realty Pilot partnership can make an informed decision by quering your zip codes and seeing just exactly how much business we are pushing out in that zip code. It will break down into categories like, BPO, BOV, Residential REO and Commerical REO.

I really want our members to get us much value as possible and I definitely don't want any agent thinking they were scammed or hoodwinked into a system they never got anything out of so, that is what birthed the "Activity Counter" concept.

Secondly, it's important to know, when you sign up, REOPro agents are getting access to their AM database at no additional charge. Truth be told, that database is worth more than $30.00 - $60.00 dollars a month so, even if you had to wait 3 months to get the first asset, you, yourself can work the AM contacts and try to develop your own business.

Session was great today - system is impressive and lots of helpful Q & A on the webinar.
I signed up today and started loading up my coverage areas. Still need to add bio, designations, etc.

I believe the next session will be Tuesday (not having one this Thursday - Thanksgiving)
Today's was at 10:00 Mountian time.

You'll want to check it out!

Dawn Brayton
Jesse, I've been conducting BPO/REOs for the 4 years. However, in the last year it seems more and more banks are all of sudden partnering with a BPO/REO management system (translation agent $$ for possible business), paying for zip code coverage not to mention charging transaction fees when REO listings are sold (agent $$), or utilizing an invoice processing system (agent $$ once again) .

It just seems virtually impossible to join/pay for every system hoping you get a BPO or REO listing.

So my question, what makes Realty Point so special? Are you saying Realty Point is exclusive in their support of REOPro agents?

Just curious. Because at $200-300+ a pop for annual/monthly subscriptions, whatever the system requires, that's a lot of betting on promises that may not come to fruition.
Unfortunately, your point is valid and yes, it's getting more and more expensive for a agent to get into REO let along stay in REO these days. Yes, from membership fees, to transaction fees, to training fees, to "platinum, gold, bronze" certification fees, zip code fees and finally, referral's almost leaveing nothing left for the agent. I get it.....I am an agent myself playing the exact same games everyone else is.

More to the point, I believe it is impossible for a new agent to get into the business and for existing REO agents with proven track records to stay in this business.

I don't want to speak for Realty Pilot and, it isn't my place to do so but, Christian Broadwell, Realty Pilot CEO and myself have had intensive conversations where I left comfortable and excited that he and I are on the same page when it comes to all these "fees".

To your question specifically, what makes Realty Pilot so's the software. I am REOTrans certified and use it, I am RES.NET certified and use it, I have completed several BPO's and REO's on other custom software for a variety of banks and I can tell you, I have come across nothing like Realty Pilot and I am confident that lenders and servicers will be just impressed.

To be more clear.....I believe Realty Pilot's software and thier business module is going to revolutinize this industry.

Is Realty Pilot exclusive to, they are not however, without revealing too much.....I am comfortable with telling you that REOPro, isn't any longer just a "network". I can't say much more.....I just don't want to reveal too much too soon.

As for betting on promises that don't come to are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! I myself have lost money.....on these, "pay us $XX.XX a month and we MIGHT, send you business" and I HATE THOSE COMPANIES!!!!! WITH A PASSION!!!!! So, because of the concern of this network, Christian and I have agreed that Realty Pilot will include a "Activity Counter" so that agents can query, by zip code, and see for themselves, just how much business our partnership is able to push out to REOPro agents in that zip code. This way, you can make a more informed decision if parternering with us is worth your time. Christian has committed to launching the "Activity Counter" by Christmas, baring no unforeseen delays.

Each and every one of us has to make a decision on our own if buying in will make us money. Truthfully, I can never guarantee anyone that they will get business, it's impossible to do that when the amount of business we can send out is completely dependent on the needs of our clients, the servicers however, I can tell you that I am convinced Realty Pilot is going to make some serious waves because of first hand knowledge that Christian has passed on to me in confidence but, don't take my word for it. Wait for the Activity Counter and make your decision.
We as realtors all have to put bets on the table where to get leads. Some realtors are willing to advertise full pages ads in the local newspaper to find their buyers. Enough being said one can try it and decide if it is worth the trouble.

A number of companies listed have wrong links. I was wondering if they have validated they are really companies or companies do not have sign ups. I hope someone from this blog post them and tell others why they do not think they are to be included.
Read my last reply - You will see how much progress I have made & where my level of patience is at this point.
I dont think this is a real deal - read my reasons why
Jesse, is the webinar available online? I missed it and would like to find out information asap.

I have signed up for Realty Pilot and have received a BPO so far. I received this message via email and was not sure what it meant of if I had signed up for Realty Pilot incorrectly.

"If you have signed up for Realty Pilot, REOPro's OMS (Operating Management System) please be sure you select REOPro as a "Membership" otherwise you will not have access to REOPro assignments."

What should I do to correct this?

Thank you for your assistance and I look forward to doing this with you.

Hi Brian,

Just change your account information by adding REOPro membership to it. It was mentioned in today's webinar.
AMAZING you were able to even register. See my remarks. I wish you the best. Please let me know if you make any positive progress

Do you know when is the next webinar and how can I join. I am new to this bloc. Thanks for input.


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