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Does anyone have a any recent feedback on Realty Pilot?  How is it working for you?

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I've been performing BPOs via RealtyPilot for GRC and I just got paid on 2 BPOs I've completed. I'd say its been a positive experience so far for me. The layout is quite familiar to Equator or

I just 4 from them and they hit me with there e inspection three days after I had already went to the property , now they want two pics if each room

Are these assigned by GRC? or another company?

I agree. Its a bit weird and off how they "advertise" the available BPOs. I too have received emails from Realty Pilot telling me to view the list asap, yet when I log in within minutes there isn't anything there. Unlike someone beat me to it that quick.


I've received emails from GRC asking if I want to do the BPOs that how I've received them.

You might consider signing up in Realty Pilot for these BPO's...they are posting 1000's of orders weekly in Realty Pilot and you can use our BPO tool to do these quickly and easily. 

I am signed up with Realty Pilot. I get the emails to log in and view the available bpo list. Yet when I log in there aren't any in my area/zip codes, it happens quite often I think its a glitch.

What BPO Tool do you find to be the best?

They have very few in my area and by the time I log on they are gone, gone gone.

I received a few BPO's, nothing that added up to justify the fee i was paying for the services.  Especially when Green River is using them and wanting to pay $17.50-47.50 for BPOs

I am hearing good things on other boards as well at the platform. It seems to have matured to where it is easy to function. I am on as a Keystone client, but dod not pay the monthly fee to get the Green River BPO's - just not worth the price for me. I do see where Green River has a different take on interiors as some have found out. To Mary Wilcox - more and more a formal background check is being required by the client of the BPO firm - this has all been on going for some time now. I suggest you consider just paying the fee and be done with it.

I've performing  BPOs  but since they start pay $40.00 dollars or less i do not accept any more

the gas in California is to expensive , we need to take one hour to get pictures or more plus one more hour to prepere the bank documents and get the comps we have to get pay at less $60.00 per BPO

if we as BPO agents ask to get better pay  we can see the difference

Thanks, Joan, for posting this question.  I would love to hear some feedback from the Broker/Agent community on how well Realty Pilot is working for you.  Better yet, if you would like to see something enhanced or improved, we would love to hear that, too.

We are getting thousands of BPO requests into Realty Pilot weekly from multiple clients and are needing agents to sign up to use the system and complete these requests as soon as possible.  There is no cost for a single client, but you'll want to consider paying the small monthly fee to have access to complete BPO's using the industry's easiest-to-use BPO generation tool.

When you sign up, remember to select Leyla Alhosseini, Brandon Gallegos, or myself Doug Williamson as your sales rep and we'll make sure to follow up with you to ensure that Realty Pilot is meeting all of your expectations.

Also, remember that we have free on-line chat and toll-free support for any questions you may have.


Doug Williamson

VP, Business Development

Realty Pilot, LLC.



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