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Does anyone have a any recent feedback on Realty Pilot?  How is it working for you?

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I have been with RP since the beta stage and have had nothing but trouble for the last 2 years, that it the reason I asked.  I am frustrated with it.  In  the beginning it did not work at all lfor months yet I paid and when the support rep tried to get me some free months for the months it did not work he was told "NO", the next issue was that it did not fill out the complete form, I still had to manually input some of the information on some sites, I still do.  That does not make it any quicker for me to do a bpo and that was what RP was supposed to do.  Now this weekend there were several bpo's from GRC and I accepted some of them yet when I went to work on them there were not in my que, also I was trying to do bpo's for other companies and when I put in the ML# it gave a pop up that said incorrect log in & password but they were correct. Went to chat but no one was there to assist me.  I got a cc of an email this afternoon from a RP staff member to another RP staff member asking why it was not working as it was not working for her either when she tested it.  Needless to say it has been a few days that I have not been able to use the system, again.  I have heard good things about a RP competitor & some good things from them and have been thinking about switching companies but wanted to get feedback from other agents before I did so.

How do we sign up for a sales rep? I signed up for the $99.00 package, but asked to cancel it. I have yet to receive any work, although, this board says there is work weekly.


I would like to keep the membership and maximize it to its' full potential.

Glad to see this message, as after being billed by Realty Pilot again, with no BPOs in months, I went into the system to find out how to cancel my account.

I was brought in as a free account for Keystone. I did sign up for $29,95 to do BPOs for other companies. I've had 4 assignments, 1 was paid for, and 3 ordered by GRC are very much not paid/in arrears. I get occasional email notifications of BPOs available, I go in within 30 seconds of getting the email, there's nothing there. $209.65 paid so far as the monthly, I was paid for one BPO, there's $165 unpaid with 90+ days delinquency, and I'm very much in the hole. I don't see this as beneficial to me at all.

I'd like to take it back down to my "basic/free" membership because of my affiliation with Keystone, and discontinue the paid service since I'm paying for nothing in terms of no BPO assignments available, and not being paid for the ones that I have completed.

I will say that the ones that I did for GRC (and have not been paid for) were fun to do, and I loved the photo app. I think this is a great product for ease of use, if there was work to be done, and if it was paid for by the ordering client.

I have been signed up with you for several months. Got 4 orders back in June but nothing since mid July. Have not seen your 1000's of orders???

Doug, do you know if the glitch with GRC is taken care of? I took 2 jobs, took the photos, came back home to start on the work only to find the BPOs had been pulled. I called the VM at GRC, she told me they were not supposed to be posted, they were for a specific agent. No trip fee, just wasted time and money. She advised to always call before taking the work. That really turned me off of even trying to take work from Realty Pilot.

I read your post about this earlier this evening and have escalated this to our technical team for an update.  As soon as I know something, I'll post it here.

I just confirmed that the "glitch" is a training issue at GRC.  Evidently, some VM's have opened the BPO on the Realty Pilot (RP) system not realizing that as soon as it's activated, an e-mail blast goes out to get the property assigned.  Some VM's have then realized that they wanted to assign the BPO to a specific agent and did the reassignment on the client portal.  Realty Pilot's system logs can confirm this is what's happened in several instances.  Since RP cannot restrict clients from reassignments, we will be adding an additional control that immediately notifies an agent if a BPO order that was previously accepted by an agent is reassigned by the client.  In addition, we've discussed this procedural issue with GRC and this will be addressed within their organization.

Just wanted to update the discussion that the notification I mentioned above was implemented overnight and is active and functional as of this morning.  If a client reassigns the BPO after it has already been accepted, then the Broker/Agent will receive an e-mail immediately notifying them that this has occurred and that the reason for the change is due to the client's actions, not that of Realty Pilot.

Reality Pilot is not an interceptor. It is just a tool the half decent feature is extension to auto-fill the address. It can not auto fill any forms with drop down boxes.  You have to type in what it can not perform which is a lot.

Like everyone here I receive a few eMail telling me a job that already got intercepted. I accepted 5 a few months ago. Only I happen to be on this site.  Boy, did the work order disappear fast! 

As for payment from GR they still owe me 3 overdue. Got two paid one month ago. Time to bug GR!

Kinda surprised to see positive feedback? I cought them hitting my credit card 3 times in one month, anyone else?

John- There is no record of multiple charges on your account. Someone sent this to me so I took it upon myself to look into it since our system is automated. It shows that you opened a free account in May of 2012 with a single client. You then accepted a BPO from a client other than the free account you had and accepted the charge for converting to a full account for $29.95. In March of 2013 you canceled the account. There are no other charges on your account from either our merchant account nor our log records. If you can send me proof that you had multiple charges from Realty Pilot, I will personally make sure you are fully reimbursed but as it stands there was only one charge on your account.

I just did 4 interiors . Immediately went and took all the pics required and then two days later got the e inspection orders which required a lot more pics I got busy and could not go back 60 mile round trip for 17.5 why I did not get both orders at the same they could not answer


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