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Today I did something I rarely do. I signed up for Realty Pilot without even really doing much research here on REOPro..


It all started when Infinity Valuations emailed me and said that they were switching to a new BPO platform and I could sign up free of charge. Ok, no problem, its free so whatever. Later I find out GRC will be assigning assets through the system. Now I'm paying more attention. So I sign up and GRC tells me my next step is to attend the webinar.


I have to say I was astounded and after the webinar I forfeited my free membership and signed up for the full service which is only $30 a month.


This is a platform, workflow management sytem, accounting system, BPO auto fill system, BPO tracking system and more all wrapped into one. It appears to be pretty straight forward to use but at the same time is just loaded with attractive Equator-esque tabs, color codes, doc storage depots, etc. There are mega drop downs and check boxes for ease of use. Plus there is a massive list of AM companies they work with. And 24/7 live help, unreal.


Workflow: This thing will fill out your BPOs, MMRs, and arrange your tasks color coded by timelines. You can assign tasks to your team members. Everything is arranged and very nice to look at and work with. In a mouseclick you can send an order to a contractor to prepare a bid with a due date for him. You can even print your damn checks for your contractors with a couple mouse clicks and typing in the price.


Accounting: This thing keeps track of your expenses for each asset and also revenue. You can see who owes you, who you owe, how profitable you are, and who your best clients are. It keeps track of your BPO/Sold and List Price/Sold so you do not have to recalculate every few months.


AutoFill: You can populate BPOs without having to use macros. Using macros means your export it, import it, and then populate it. You can even build a "comment library" for those comments that you end up using over and over again. You enter your MLS system, select your BPO form and bam.


BPO: You can keep track of all of your outstanding BPOs and organize them under tabs from start to paid to completed. Right now for me that means scanning copies and using different file folders. Its ardous and mistake prone.


Anyway, I don't know much about it I am sure I have scratched the surface. I asked the presenter point blank if we can get assignments through the sytem and he said yes. He said two big AMCs were on the way, he could not say who yet. I think if this sytem is as useful to the asset managers on their side as it is looks like it could be on ours than there is no reason they could not be the next or Equator.


So this is a new platform they just rolled out I guess. I have not used it in practice, so feel free to pee on my parade. I'm excited about it but want to see what all of you think.

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Going to check it out for the same reason, GRC and Infinity are using it now.


If Infinity is switching over, sounds like there will probably be others as well, though for ease of use, still love Equator--which is launching Equator Revoution , there is a free trial on the right of my Equator screen.  As soon as one launches an improvement, there is ure to be a response from the other platforms.

I think you can try it for free for 30 days if you weren't invited for free permanently grom GRC.

search on this site under Realty Pilot. All issues and problems as well as lack of work has been posted sometime ago,,,,

Exactly, 2010 or so. I am curious if anybody has participated in the new platform Concourse 360 with BPO Traffic Controller. Most of the previous issues seemed to deal w/ macros, no surprise there, rather then RETS. I don't know how the new platform compares with the old. As far as I can tell the new platform became available around the New Year w/ limited info posted since.

We were invited in free because we list for GRC, they are apparently moving to the platform for BPO's.   GRC has been great to work with, so we are signing up and taking the webinar.

I love this. Its an awesome system thank goodness they are ridding of the silver light program I was never too fond of it. There is also a huge list of Banks and Asset managment companies availible!

I'm checking out their webite and it may still be in beta.  Lots of blank black space on the screen.  Then I realized I had to scroll down a whole screen to find the informaion.  I thought I was just getting blank pages.   

I tried Realty  Pilot and after 3t o 5 days of trying and trying and switching for IE to Firefox and although there CSR and technical service tried very hard it simply did not work and is too complicated. I was losing too much time trying what was not working instead of submitting my work, Also only about 75% was completed, by the time you are going backwards and forwards  looking up what is missing the whole process may have save me 10 minutes if that... Yes they are inexpensive and the program looks great but it has to work !,  I just got more frustrated.  I  am now looking at RIO GENESIS, does anyone worked their new website yet? (previously trackmyforeclosure) Thanks

One more thing: if any of these companies and their developers read this: PLEASE KEEP IT SIMPLE,  great layout, elaborate buttons and pages, gadgets etc., are  mostly useless !  I think  most BPO agents would prefer  speed, easy to use,  accuracy and it needs to work !

Recently, The Open Door Institute partnered with Realty Pilot and the things we have heard about the join venture is  great.   Now you can become part of both RP & ODI for one price only, you can contact me if you have any questions.



I am looking for something that tracks BPO, REO and SS or traditionals, can you send me more info?

Hi Byron. Please let me know what is going on with this offer. Thanks- Jesse -

I tried it about a year ago and paid for it for several months but could not get it to work. Help department made some efforts to help me but I could not get it to work. If it has improved and more user friendly I would love to give it a try again but in the past it was too compilcated.


Rebecca Giaobba


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